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From Leroy’s 1980’s Road to Radio To Today’s KEXU 96.1 FM Krip-Hop Radio @ Poor Magazine

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The biggest joke in my youth in the late 70’s and 80’s was my goal to be a radio DJ because of my disability Cerebral Palsy I used to stutter. Yes, people like teachers, some family members, friends and counselor all laughed about the goal of being on the radio. Here is my story of my dream to be on the radio from 1980’s WCCC 106.9 FM Hartford, CT. to today with Poor Magazine’s KEXU 96.1 FM East Oakland, CA..
When I moved back to my mother after my dad and mom split, we lived in an apartment in West Hartford, CT.. right  across the street of WCC C FM.  WCCC-FM was the home of Howard Stern beginning in late 1979, where he hosted the station’s morning show. This was Stern’s first job in a large market. It was at WCCC-FM that Stern met Fred Norris, the longest-tenured member of Stern’s staff, who followed Stern when he left Hartford. Beginning in May 1996, Stern’s syndicated morning show aired every weekday morning on WCCC until he departed for Sirius Satellite Radio.  At that  time I was a hard rocker like Ozzy to ZZ Top to AC/DC so Stern was the person I listened to.  I used to look out the living room’s window to see if I could seeStern’s get out of his care but I   never saw him.
I wanted to go across the street and knock on  the door of WCCC but I never did..  At this time boom box with cassette players were in, and I made homemade tapes where I recorded my voice introducing songs from what WCCC was playing at that time.   As I went public about my goal of being on the radio, the laughter started and it was loud and all the time. I played it cool and tried to shrug it off but it did hurt and after two years I dropped my goal.
After years and years of being force to take speech classes, my consistent stuttering stopped, but my goal of being on the radio turned into being a lawyer however the media bug was still with me and came out through writing submitting articles to newsletters and newspapers.  In the late 90’s because of Poor Magazine and Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization, DAMO got me back to   my media love especially radio with mix of reactions. Gary N. Gray, the co-founder of DAMO had a great idea to  start The Moore-Gray Matter Show on Berkeley public access TV in the late 90’s.  The show was well supported with top notch tech people so Gary & I could concentrate on our guess and our script, music and cuts to live feeds, pictures and our logo.  At the same time in the late 90’s my column, Illin-N Chillin on Poor Magazine dealing with race & disability also many articles in a Black Newspaper the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper were exploding and getting people’s attention.
In the 90’s Poor Magazine had a radio  show on Berkeley’s KPFA Free Speech Radio 94.1 FM and they invited me on to read about issues facing Black/Brown people with disabilities.     Although the listeners liked what I was reported on and Tiny & her mother Dee of Poor Magazine had my back but KPFA’s director at the time told Dee that Poor Magazine should not have me on their radio show because of my disability that affected my speech.  Poor Magazine is still holding on to their small  part on KPFA that have been cut down to only ten to fifteen minutes on Hard Knock Show.
I was very honor to be invited by Roland Washington  to be apart of his show on the only Black radio station in the Bay area and I think in California.  KPOO 89.5 FM & Washington supported me however because I was gentrified out of San Francisco to Berkeley the transportation  became too much so I left.  Back at KPFA in Berkeley in early 2000’s a collective of people with disabilities got together and wrote a radio show program and it was accepted.  Pushing Limits is now a half-hour radio show providing critical coverage of disability issues and bringing the insight of the grassroots disability movement to the general public. Pushing Limits advances the voices of people who live with disabilities. It is produced by a collective of media makers and activists who themselves live with disability.  The collective asked me to be involved and I agreed.  My involvement last a couple years then after some negative feelings toward what I was producing mainly Black issues I decided to leave and went onto Berkeley Free radio that was duck tape kind of radio show that  didn’t had FCC stamp of approval to air. After Berkeley Free Radio, online radio was blowing up at that time so I did a Krip-Hop radio show for only a year online this was mid 2000’s the same time I started Krip-Hop Nation in 2007.
Back to Poor Magazine in October 20017 Poor Magazine applied and got a low power community radio operator license from The Federal Communications Commission, FCC and now today in 2020 Poor Magazine’s KEXU 96.1 FM is on the air and Krip-Hop radio with Leroy Cerebral Palsy voice finally  found his home with other poverty scholars.
Since 1980’s I have been a gust on many radio shows from BBC to stations in South Africa and all around the US.  Today there are different disabled voices on radio and making their own audio blogs like Alice Wong’s  The Disability Visibility Project to The World’s No. 1 Blind DJ, Anthony “DJ TouchTone in Philly on 100.3 WRNB & so much more!  So come back and listen to  KEXU 96.1 FM live if you live in East Oakland on the dial every Tuesday and Thursday or on soundcloud at the links below.

Justice for Kayla Moore -Youth Poverty Skola Reports-

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Kayla Moore’s Story 
By Amir Hughes
Tuesday 2020 January 7, we went to a protest for Kayla Moore because she hasn't had justice from the court or from the police, and the family of Kalya Moore is still fighting.
Lisa said “Kayla Moore was trans women.’’ Kayla Moore had a disabally called schizophrenia. her friend called the police because she needed help. But the police was trying arrested her for a warrant that wasn’t in her name, and the police choked her on her futon couch. And her caretaker was there watching her dying.
Six Berkeley police were on Kayla Moore also while she was in handcuffs and the police said that they called the ambulance to help her from dying but it was too late. But the police that killed her haven't got justice for her and haven’t left the police department. 
“We don't need cops, we need counselors,” said Mario Moore, her sister. But the police called Kayla Moore a “it.” All this happen in Berkeley.
I could tell she was a wonderful person in her own way and she had family that really love her and her friends too. The protest was in San Francisco by a courthouse. The family of Kayla Moore went in the courthouse to fight for the case. 
I could tell at the protest that she was much loved  by her family and her friends and she had a big smile on her face that is brighter than the sun. I could see she liked to smile and loved throwing the peace sign up. And that they had T-shirts to support her case and to wear it to get justice.But me my classmates couldn’t go in the courthouse of San Francisco because we needed IDs to go in.
You have to support your people because we all the same here in this world and we are all equal and that why we were put on this earth. But some people say we all different but we are not, we are all human. Kayla Moore was a sweet angel and she has good energy.
And I send my love and anger to the family who lost their loved one. She is now in a better place and she doesn't have to suffer in this place. And we will see her again. 
Reports from the DeeColonize Academy Youth Poverty Skolaz.
Kayla Moore Appeal Trial
By Tibu Garcia/PNN
“She had been formally unhoused, she was a poverty scholar, the cops showed up and they tried to get her on a warrant…”, those were the words of Lisa Ganser, a disability activist and a long time member of the Idriss Stelly Foundation, as well as a writer for POOR Magazine, on Kayla Moore, an African-descent, disabled, trans woman who was killed by the police in Berkeley in 2013. “She should have been alive”, she continued, shaking her head, most likely recalling how Kayla was murdered during a schizophrenic episode in her own home. On February 12th, 2013, Berkeley Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from John Hayes, Moore’s roommate, because he was concerned for her mental state after she got into an argument with her girlfriend, Angel. He called the police because he was aware that Berkeley Police Department (BPD) has done welfare checks on her in the past, and they told more to voluntarily seek help with the BPD.
When the police arrived, they came in planning to arrest Hayes and Moore for outstanding warrants. John Hayes had warrants equaling to 5,000 USD and a certain Xavier Moore from San Francisco, (Xavier Moore being Kayla’s birth name). The only problem with the warrant for Xavier Moore is this Moore was born in 1952, which would make him 20 years older than Kayla. The police charged in the building without knowing or caring about any of this. They restrained Hayes and began to wrestle with an increasingly hysterical Kayla, and immediately called for backup as Kayla was, according to the police report, “resisting arrest”. Officer Brown, one of the arresting officers, stated in his report that he was aware Kayla Moore had mental health issues. 
The officers handcuffed Kayla, and restrained her with the WRAP police restraining gear, and then they thought their job was done. When they noticed she wasn't breathing, they took off her restraints, did some chest compressions, then waited for the EMT to come and resuscitate her. No officers claimed to assist or restore her breathing in any way. 
Seven years later, on the brisk morning of Thursday, January 9th, a press conference took place in front of the United State Court for the 9th Circuit, and attending that press conference was Deecolonize Academy. I was a part of the youth poverty skolas we had on the scene, standing in solidarity and in honor of Kayla Moore, and in support of her family in their lawsuit against the city for using excessive force and acting on a false warrant, as well as violating BPD’s own Americans with Disabilities Act Policy by using force in an arrest where the “suspect” had a mental disability. 
“People should not be afraid to call for mental help assistance,” said Maria Moore, sister to Kayla Moore, “if someone is in crisis, you shouldn't be like, I can’t call and get you help because I don't want something to happen to you, because that is a typical story that happens. We don't need cops, we need counselors.” Maria has fought for justice for her sister tirelessly in court, on the streets and online since her sister was killed. As I have been doing more and more research about this case and the people involved, I have seen how much effort and time that this amazing and powerful woman has put into getting justice for her sister and other victims of police brutality. 
It is horrifying to me now as it was then to hear about a black, trans woman be killed when she needed help. She did nothing wrong, she was only scared for her life and terrified of the six officers that were crowding and pushing and suffocating her for absolutely no reason. Kayla had just argued with her girlfriend, after dealing with something like that, I would assume someone has a decent amount of sadness and frustration in them, and when all those officers showed up with an agenda to arrest it didn't make the situation any better.
This case was similar in a way to how NYPD murdered Eric Garner, by suffocating him and refusing to get him breathing again, and the very fact that there is someone else to compare her to, that another person and probably many others that I do not know of, lost their lives by being literally crushed by 6 or more officers, crying and screaming for help yet being killed by the very people who swore an oath to serve and protect, the fact that when talking about cases involving police violence I can state 50-60 off of memory, the fact that I am able to do that means something is fundamentally wrong with the system that governs over us. There is something fundamentally wrong with how this government treats a specific class of its citizens. People like Luis Gongora Pat, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Kayla Moore, and so, so many others that I couldn't mention all of them even if I wrote an entire book, are just obstacles to this great, free nation known as the United States of America.     
Kayla Moore smiling and holding up a peace sign
Kayla Moore Case Review
By Kimo Umu
The 9th of January, I arrived to the sounds and echoes screaming ‘’Justice for Kayla Moore.’’ There was a  group of revolutionaries in front of the courthouse of the 9th circuit in downtown San Francisco on 7th and Market. The strange thing was that we were one of the only media outlets that showed up to report on the action.
We focus on this particular side of media because many of the people who operate with us have experienced and are oppressed as well under this capitalistic society. This society loves covering up the truth.
‘’Kayla needed help she didn't need to be killed,’’ said Lisa Tiny Gray. She said this during the action in front of the James R. Browning United States Court of Appeal, for the murrder of Kayla Moore by the hands of the Berkeley police department on February 12, 2013. 
Kayla Moore was an artistic soul being able to pass the boundaries of what people thought was possible. Kayla Moore was schizophrenic meaning she had a mental disability. In the night of her murder Berkeley Police received a call to give an assistance checkup. What happened that night was horrific.
Kayla Moore’s incident started with a phone call to the Berkeley Police Department, from a man named John Hayes. He was her neighbor living in the adjacent apartments on the 5th floor of the building called the Gaia building. John had previous knowledge of Kayla's mental issues and called the police in concern if Kayla was having another manic episode.
Witnesses who were interviewed by the peoples investigation report say they did not hear anything prior to the arrival of the BPD (Berkley Police Department), but later after the police came John, a witness, would recall a loud thud, not thinking much of it.
Before the police arrived Kayla and her girlfriend Angel were having an argument. Moore would throw a chair at Angel after she left. Edward George accompanied with Hayes made their way to Moore’s room seeing there was something strange going on with kayla. 
Officer Brown and Officer Smith would arrive to the apartment responding to the call arriving to the building at 11:56. Officer Smith would make a background check on Kayla and Hayes. Looking into the database Officer Smith would make note that there was a 5,000 dollar warrant for Hayes arrest. Smith would also do a background check on Kayla Moore. Smith would mistakenly take Kayla for ‘’Xavier Moore’’ who was 20 years older than she was.
Officer Brown in a later testimony would state ‘’I didn't know if the warrant had been confirmed,” but stated that he wanted to take Kayla Moore in for 51/50 evaluation. Officer Brown would note that he knew Moore had a mental illness and would request medical assistance.
Hayes would open the door to Kayla’s apartment where Moore was interviewed by Officer Brown who said that kayla seemed unfocused. Kayla told the officers she didn't think the officers were real and proceeded to go back inside of her apartment. That's when officer smith and Officer Tu who arrived on the scene earlier signalled to go hands on. They would attempt to arrest Kayla. Kayla refused for the officers to put the handcuffs on her and would proceed to have a quick scuffle with officers.
The melee would end with Kayla Moore in cuffs face down in her apartment with two officers pinning her down. With the assistance of two other officers from outside, who entered into the building, they eventually put Kayla into a police restraint jacket called the Wrap.
About a minute later Kayla Moore suddenly stopped breathing. Police would attempt to do chest compressions to restore her airways, but did not attempt CPR because she was a transgender Black woman. In the police reports they would refer Kayla as ‘’It’’.
This idea that the police are here to serve and protect is starting to fade away for the people of the Bay Area. Another life has been taken because of careless and reckless behavior of the police.
I'm surprised the officers were not charged for violating the Americans Disability Act of 1990 since Officer Brown had previous knowledge of her mental disability and still proceeded to use excessive force. And if he did know she had schizophrenia, why escalate the situation instead of dessculating, which BPD is known for.  
Supporters at Jusice for Kayla Moore Action
The Kayla Moore Action
By Akil Carrillo
On Feburary 12, 2013 a friend of Kayla Moore, a schizophrenic transgender Woman, called the cops for a wellness check. She was worried about Kayla's Mental Health. When police arrived they immediately attempted to put her under arrest. Six cops wrestled her down onto a futon on the floor which impaired her breathing. All six cops were using their full weight to restrain a panicked woman. They almost used a spit hood on her but she had stopped breathing before one of the officers could return with one. They started to do CPR on her but for some unknown reason (Transphobia) they didn't provide assisted breathing on Kayla. She ended up passing away under Berkley Police custody.
On January 9, 2020, seven years after the incident, Deecolonize Academy went to the 9th circuit appeal in the case against the City of Berkley and the cops who killed Kayla Moore. This was appealed after Judge Breyer chose to throw out the case in 2018 without showing evidence to the jury. The Moore family believes that the overwhelming amount of evidence, the cops changing their stories and experts disagreeing on cause of death needs to be seen by a jury. Deecolonize Academy went to support this case in the hope that the Moore family is able to come out successful, which would be a huge victory and will help shape our future.
“Why do people in mental health crisis, People who need ‘help’ end up getting killed?” This was one of the many quotes we heard as we were waiting outside of James R. Browning United States Courthouse for the appeal to begin. There were many people who were also showing support. There were familiar faces and unfamiliar faces but in the end everyone was there because of the same reason. 
”We are all connected in struggle.” This was one of the quotes that stuck with me. No matter what we've been through Homelessness, Mental Health, Rejection, Abuse, we are all connected through our trauma and actions. There are some people who believe that just because one hasn't gone through what they have gone through, they aren't able to understand. I've experienced this and sometimes people believe that my life has been easy, I might not have had the same struggles but I have been through my own. Sometimes someone doesn't show what they've been through but make sure you never doubt anyone. We were all there for Kayla Moore, regardless if we knew her or not. We all took our time and energy to fight for Kayla Moore because we are all connected by struggle.
When the case finally started Tiny proceeded to guide us into the courthouse, but the second we walked in we were challenged with an issue. Everyone needed and ID to enter...included all underage people. Obviously we weren't carrying our passports so all of us underage folks had to wait outside. As we were sitting outside another quote came back to me: “People shouldnt be afraid to call for help.” This quote was said from none other than Maria Moore, Kayla’s sister. Something that I realized about Maria Moore during her speech was that because of her sister’s death she chose to dedicate her life to fight for her. It took Maria seven years to get this appeal case and I believe this fight isn't over yet, not just for Kayla but for everyone who has fallen under the brutality of cops and oppression. Some people have the privilege to choose if they want to fight or not, others don't. It didn't seem as Maria had a choice, her sister's death wasn't right and Maria knew this. Ao instead of drowning in grief she chose to stand up and fight for her sister and for the future. I could see that Maria was tired, she has been fighting for so long and still has a long way to go. But I could also how happy she was when she looked around and saw people of all colors, genders and struggles standing there listening to her and fighting for her. I believe that if the case is won it will be a huge step in the right direction and the story of Kayla Moore will finally be one of the first to have a good ending.
In the end of this action I left with a sense of hope. I learned today that just one’s presence can shine hope and that hope is more important than it seems. The one thing that everyone in that action had in common was that we all had hope and that why we were all there standing together. I left with a sense of hope and I believe the victory against this hatred that we all fight is closer that it appears.
Youth Skolaz and Poverty Skolaz from POOR Magazine supporting Kayla Moore


Letter From Seavon Pierce

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Editor's Note: Seavon Pierce is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents. As currently and formerly incarcerated poor and indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance with all plantation systems in Amerikkka, POOR Magazine stands in solidarity with all folks on the other side of the razor wire plantation. 


Greetings, I came across a old article in the Bay View regarding the police by Jeremy Miller and I want to introduce this evidence of a “code of silence” and the people that openly conceal criminal acts for crooked police officers that commit violence against Blacks.


  As of 11.13.13, multiple officers of Lancaster Prison broke my nose while in handcuffs. I was hit in the face and head multiple times with metal batons while in handcuffs for filing actions against CDCR ( case #: I: ID-000285 (JLT) in which federal judge Jennifer L. Thurston admitted to be “dirty laundry”...)


  As of 2019, upon the multiple complaints filed by me and my mother to the FBI, the Dept. of Justice, the internal affairs, multiple White-owned public or government agencies, and no investigation has taken place knowing that multiple officers filed false reports in which none of these photographed injuries were reported, and the doctors records reflects a bone fracture to the nose.


  These people keep sending me false information declaring that they conducted a investigation but no facts or decisions deny the criminal acts of excessive force and me and my family lack public support upon this clear evidence that I have documented through these games being played against me and my family to conceal criminal acts committed by officers, CDCR employees, going on over 7 years of continuous acts of concealment.


  I need these facts brought to the attention of the Black writers of California hoping that this evidence of a code of silence will be used to help me and others. The officers father have me die in prison behind their created lies, no different from a jury of Klan members hiding behind sheets, their just hiding behind computer screens…


I have evidence at;


I have online petitions at;


                                                                                 Thank you!


                                                                                 Seavon Pierce    6-19-20




End of Year Reflections- Grieving Mother Series Dec. 12, 2019

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This year has been a interesting year for me I have grown a lot it is the end of the year and I have had a little reflection time as I usually do this time around it hits the 4th year mark of my deceased son anniversary bittersweet at the end of last year I was awarded mother of the year this year my children were awarded at the end 2019 4 the leadership that they have taking on in the community governing themselves and then their brother and sisters keeper I I am so proud of them I don't think they know just how proud I am of them partly because I really crack the whip there are no rules that roll out the vagina when children are born and so all children our precious and I know firsthand mine to be absolutely God's gifts they really are to be cherished even though parenting can be challenging and that's why I am so pleased with my sons I wish my oldest son was still alive to see and breathe and exist I've learned that energy Never Dies and so my son is not with me physically but KS energy is with me since my son's transition I have had to find many different ways to cope with living without him and one of the tools that I choose to use would be the lesson in learning energy Never Dies it's simply moves on transitions but is never obsolete growing up that is not how I traditionally was taught to look at death however nobody in my family has ever lost a child in over 75 years now abortions and miscarriages do not count in my most respectful and tactful point of view and so that is why I I have had to navigate and pretty much on my own no one in my family has any experience or mileage in this area of life I guess on one hand we are protected our family has not been plagued with this trama that so many families have had to BARE 


Reincarnation- Grieving Mother Series Dec. 12, 2019

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I did it, I released myself. It has been over 72 days of meditation and I have Noticed A Difference in My Movement.

I will Say I hope to be A New Creature.


My Focus is Much Different  ... I am so Glad to be in a new Season Of my life 

... God Knows  I Truly needed a break  ..


I felt at one point I was being hit from all sides. Even my closest  one's was Woundering THE Wounder ... I Never Gave up on me ... I Knew  it Was Spiritual and Seasonal ... I just had to Stand my Ground ... I Was Challenged  BUT Not Defeated .... I had to Really Put my Heel to the Pavement and Hold OUT ... Being A Virtuous  Women Is A Never Ending Gift That Keeps On Giving.


I'm learning that this is a journey of energy and human beings are complex. Each of us possess a lesson Locked away Stashed Deep down on our Insides. And if we are not careful on how we treat each other we will never gain the knowledge from the gift that is within. Some people believe in reincarnation. I haven't quite looked into it personally, however it is an interesting concept.


Ever thought about an infant and the behavior mannerisms and characteristic traits one might have in such a little body? Ever heard the phrase old soul?


Where do you think that phrase comes from? Or perhaps a Deja Vu moment where you feel as if you’ve been somewhere or done something before, duplicating the same exact outcome. What about a special scent that jars a memory of a past life experience that you know you have not had, but the smell is so enchanting it wishes you away, captivating your thoughts and ideas. You eagerly attempt to refresh your memory, to pinpoint what seems to be familiar. And what about senses? Some say your gut, some say your intuition, some say your survival mode. However where does it come from, when does it kick in, and who gives it to you? Is it involuntary, is it genetics, or does it have everything to do with your inner being and nothing to do with personality or character, EVERY thing to do with Core ...


The Lowest of the Low- Grieving Mother Series - Dec. 18, 2019

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The lowest of the low. It comes a time when you think that you've hit rock bottom but the reality is there is such a deeper lower low that one could experience...


However the one thing about being on the bottom is that you can go up, get up or shoot up.

At least that's what they say. You can't miss what you never had. I find that not to be true. And sometimes you're so deep in the ditch that you can't get out in your step. 


Imagine a horse with a broken leg in a ditch. How does one come up from such a situation? And so it brings me to all sorts of perspectives and I am finding that it is my own shackling due to my own perspectives that have prevented me from living my fullest potential.


I have had the opportunity to reflect.


This year will be four years. It's the anniversary of my belated eldest son Torian. Today is December 18th 2019 and December 20th will be the marked date of my son's transition. 


Today is the decolonize extended family celebration and report card meeting. The boys did well and I am grateful that they have moved up in their academic achievements this school year. We will celebrate their accomplishments of operating in their honor. Star needs me to take her to the DMV and so after that I will work on my book. And I got to say today is a good day. No, but time it is.


Soar Torian Soar. Four Year Anniversary- Grieving Mother Series- Dec. 27th, 2019

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The phone rang. It was Momo. She said my brother had made it to her house. It was the first time in a year and a half he had surfaced. Praise God. my mother's prayers have been answered. 
I was attending a Black version of The Nutcracker at Castlemont High School it was there towards the end where I would find my phone to be buzzing. I almost was embarrassed but it happens. I almost didn't answer the call. I am so grateful that I did. I had to make the decision to leave immediately so that I could be reunited with my brother. My baby brother.
Ironically after the Black version of The Nutcracker we were to go and pay homage to my son Torian Dajour' Hughes. Torian has his name painted on the pavement covered over and blue clouds and a sun. If you look just right you can see his name. 
This was the first time I personally put down some candles for my son. This year marked the four year anniversary. This year, as every year, is very different. But this year not only did I feel like doing a vigil, I was supported in the process with special extended family who I love.
I don't know maybe because this year I was a little more open, maybe I manifested the next thing I'm about to say cuz after I found my brother Chucky we were able to eat together as a family which we haven't done in a very long time. Coming back from supper I get a phone call and this phone call is my sister Tisha Caldwell calling me to say some young men and women were trying to get in touch with me to let me know that Torian is not forgotten and in fact they are celebrating him and would love for me to come and be a part along with his brothers. It feels like a gift that Torian has his hands in. 
Seven minutes to my arrival I got another call stating the police are busting up the vigil and it was imperative that I get there quickly. My family and I push the pedal to the metal. Three cars deep we follow each other. Once I got there I was panicked and relieved all in the same breath. There were some young adults still committed, the others were forced to flee unfortunately and I cast no judgement .I am simply grateful.
There was a collage of throw up piles of multicolored regurgitated who knows. What was clear to me someone was taking it pretty (heart) hard …
For the first time I was showered with stories and caps, jokes, sweet memories and secrets of my beloved. I smiled as my heart filled up with pure joy. I don't know why it made me so happy but it did. Secretly in my heart I guess to me it meant someone other than me is thinking about who Torian was and Still Remains to be through his energy that will never die because I gave him the gift of having a personal relationship with the Great I Am that I am which led him to Salvation and for this too I am grateful. One young man said about 50 candles that's at least $50 or more I looked to see if anything other than candles were placed. Underground there wasn't only candles red yellow blue white one young lady yells you see the colors you see the colors we picked. I remember when T had these color rubber bands in his hair all over do you remember. Sadly I didn't but I was glad to know she did. Hopefully we'll jar a memory but if not I got this memory and it really means a lot. My eyes begin to well up with tears. 
These young folks have been trying to cope with the loss of their dear friend as I have been trying to cope with the loss of my first born child. Where did they come from? I only recognize one girl but they recognize me and his little brothers. And I mean down to the detail. They notice that Amir had cut his dreads off Instantly when he went to talk. They notice the bass in his voice as he leaned in to shake hands and embrace them. They notice his posture and strength in his stance. It reminded me of Torian. I manage to push through my wind pipes, Amir is 16 years old now y'all. The crowd went wild. More embracing sounds of laughter hit the four corners of the outside structure boomerang back into my ear. My soul was pierced and a part answered my mourning and grieving and a part of my triggers. I suddenly felt like it was shedding in this one moment this one instant the shackles are being taken off of me I feel lighter the weight is not as intense.
To my surprise this is the release I needed. The shedding of old skin coming into new skin. Hearing those stories and memories, jokes and laughter was just the medicine and antidote a grieving mother needed. The strength it's giving me goes beyond the description of words. In that moment I'm able To Release And Let Go ... I was able to Embrace All of 2016 2017 2018 And All of 2019 ... Now I Am Ready to Step into 2020 ... Soartoriansoar I Love You Son ... It's A New Chapter ... AudreyCandyCorn Grieving Breathing Mother ... 

SB 50- Article One in a Four-Part Series: The Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Capitalism of the California Housing Crisis

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As a low-income African-American living in the Bay Area, I have been through all the trials and tribulations the Brothas and Sistas have been through in America, and if I haven’t one of my friends or family members have suffered through it. This is the journey that we call America. A nation founded upon the tenets of patriarchy, white supremacy and hyper- capitalism. Yeah, folks, these are undisputed facts.

We are over policed and under resourced.  In this Housing Crisis, we often go under housed and unhoused, and receive less funding for our families education. On January 8, 2020, at a press conference in front of Oakland City Hall Mayor Libby called a press conference in support of Senate Bill 50 (SB 50), a bill a sponsored by San Francisco Senator Scott Weiner.  This bill would mandate Housing Developers be allowed to circumvent local zoning building code requirements and approval if they set aside a certain percentage for low income housing. A developer can set aside as little as 6 percent or as much as 25 percent for this depending on the size of their project. And they would receive that exclusive privilege of building market rate and luxury housing  

Moms 4 Housings and cadres of about 60 of their spirited, rambunctious allies came out against SB 50. We let our voices be heard and shut down the press conference by shouting chants and slogans over the speaker’s attempts to speak in favor of SB 50. Yeah, we shut’em down and I was super proud to be a resident of Da Town. We let them know, don’t get it twisted, we know who you are and your history, and your fake solution.

So why would low-income people and their allies be outspoken enemies of the alleged legislative solution of SB 50? We understand the numbers game that SB 50 plays as it pertains to gentrification and affordable housing.  We understand who the players are. This game is often played when politicians and real estate developers concoct and implement market rate solutions to emergencies. These “solutions” affect people like me, and are lies.

SB 50 can provide as little as 8 percent for extremely low-income housing and as much 25 percent others, while allowing extra floors to be added to the height limits for residential units built within ½ of mile of certain types of transit lines and transit center. This a numbers game which will benefit the rich. In a market based economy, a market based solution during a crisis of storage will primarily benefit the rich. California Senator Nancy Skinner, Democrat of Berkeley, at the  SB 50 Press Conference, Skinner declared this in a market solution. One of the members of Yes In My Back Yard (YIMBY) a pro-development group based in San Francisco, told me he believed in market based solution to solve the California Housing Crisis. 

SB 50 can potentially make between as much as 92 percent and as little as 75 percent of newly built housing be luxury units. These market forces will accelerate and worsen gentrification in Oakland forever.  Once large scale luxury housing is built, it is unlikely to be unbuilt. Therefore, it can change the character of Oakland for generations because of the scarcity of the finite resource of land. SB 50 would act as a Trojan Horse by allowing developers to provide a small percentage of low-income housing while flooding working class neighborhoods with luxury housing.  The supporters of SB 50 overstate the effect this legislation will have in providing affordable housing to California’s low-income residents with passage of SB 50, and understates the potential for gentrification of low income neighborhoods.

It was once told to me that the best predictor of the future is the past. Or as my elders told me as a kid, “If a dog doesn’t bite as puppy, it ain’t going to bite as a dog.” In the press conference of the politicians who rolled out their support for SB 50, the bill’s author Scott Weiner and hostess of the conference Libby Schaaf both have histories of taking position that harm unhoused and underhoused people. While he was a San Francisco Supervisor, Scott Wiener once said that “it’s a failure for the city to make clear to those who refuse help that tents on our sidewalks and in our public spaces are unacceptable.” Schaaf has forcibly evicted unhoused people from sidewalks and thrown their belongings in the trash, which is patently unlawful.

Schaaf’s  and Wiener’s  policeis have been so anti-unhoused and underhoused people that one can easily see that they lack empathy, and a lack of empathy is a trait of psychopathic behavior.  

Both Wiener and Schaaf had the sheer nerve and gall to come to Oakland with all it’s history, struggles and gentrification and stand up, like they care about us. We stood up and gave that Town Bidness, and let them know, we know who you are, what you are doing, and your history.  And Wiener and Schaaf are the enemy of the poor, unhoused and underhoused. Why would any rational thinker trust a bill sponsored by Wiener and supported by Schaaf that is supposed to assist people like me? This is like having Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas run your affirmative action program. This is Trickle Down Economics for luxury housing developers that will let the market forces gentrify low income neighborhoods. The complex formula that will allow developers to find loopholes and exemptions.   

Governor Gavin Newsom admitted the lack of affordable housing is a societal issue and stated that “homelessness is the crisis of Californians’ lifetime.”  California has one-eighth of the United States, yet we have one fourth of all the unhoused people in the United States. Yes, California, we have a great problem. But we understand that market solutions like SB 50 will not solve it, and will not provide affordable housing.   



Youth Skolaz Report: Permit Gangstas

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Below are the reports from the DeeColonize Academy youth skolaz on the POOR Magazine meetings at City Hall trying to challenge the impact fees being imposed on Homefulness. Here is a petition on our behalf.

Photo: DeeColonize Academy youth skolaz learning about the law for self-advocacy at the Alameda County Law Library


Permit Wars

by Akil Carrillo


In December 2019 the building process of Homefulness #1 was halted after the Permit Gangstas (City Officials) said that we had taken too long and our permit had expired. When we went to find how to fix this they said that we needed to pay 27,000 in Impact Fees. Now if you don’t know what an Impact fee is, I’ll tell you. An Impact Fee is a fee that people pay so that the money goes to affordable housing, WE ARE BUILDING AFFORDABLE HOUSING! We also have to start from the beginning and start on zoning. 


We have always paid their fees without problems but now we could not just let this pass by. After community pressure and Wesearch we were able to get a 30-day extension and with that extension we are trying to finish everything we can in the construction and we are continuing our Wesearch. In this search, we met up with Lia Azul Salaverry who is the Policy Analyst and Community Liaison of Nikki Fortunato Bas. We explained to her our situation and one of the biggest issues is that it took 8 months for the fire sprinkles and the irony of the Impact Fees.


In this conversation, Lia Salaverry said something that surprised me. She said “We are also wondering, what is happening with Impact Fees?” Meaning that not even city council employees know where the money of Impact Fees goes. This could end up being a bigger issue. In this conference Leo Stegman who was also there was trying to explain to Lia Salaverry that “This is not a career, is a lifestyle”. He was telling her that we aren’t Berkshire Hathaway building buildings for profit, we are Homefulness building houses for people. We are doing this because of stuff we have experienced not because we want to start a business, it’s because we want to help ourselves and others.


Lia Salaverry suggested that we meet up with Bobby Lopez who already knows about us and that she would be there for us in other meetings. Tiny gave an example of what most people think of us. “Ew, you’re the poor people. You must be hiding something.” So Lia will help those judgments leave by supporting us.


These last few weeks have been fast-paced and busy. We have all been trying to finish the houses. After everything we’ve done, including a mini protest in front of City Hall, the city still demands us to pay the impact fees. Keep in mind that the Impact Fees are only a small part of the payments. We still have to pay for inspections, construction supplies and the permits themselves. This experience was one of the many that show how disorganized the system is. And this is why Poor Magazine exists. To fight it.

Conference meeting/complaint(protest)

by Ziair Hughes

It feels like a normal day. But First detective Ziair Hughes and his classmates go on an adventure. We go to city hall to get justice for our project. 

Back Story: December 2019. The building process of homefulness has stopped community projects (town houses) that started in 2018. We successfully started but that is not going well mid way. These townhomes are for “low income, no income, low wage, no wage '' homeless people and people that need support. And because the city officials members said that we (poor magazine) were taking too long, and our permit had expired, and they said that we had to pay 27,000 for impact fees and that doesn’t make sense because we are making affordable housing for poor people that can’t afford and that need affordable housing. So we went to the city council to protest and fix the problem that had occurred. At the protest we prayed, did the four directions and spoke about our problems. All of the youth skolarz and adult poverty skolaz spoke and we got our point across to the community. 



Conference meeting with Lia Salaverry district 2 (policy analyst & community liaison):

“This is not a career this is a lifestyle”  Leo Stegman 

“Ew, you're the poor must be hiding something” Tiny

“I'm really here to listen to what you have to say about homeless” Lia Salaverry

“This is a family run project we don’t roll with the CEO's “ Uncle Mueteado (co builder)

“Built by the people and it’s for the people”  Leroy Moore

”Doesn’t understand the model to unsell mama earth” Tiny

“And how we get this this project moving forward” Lia Salaverry

“They have lived separately but live together as a community” Charles

“Black people and brown people that have land but it was foreclosed” Tiny

(at the protest) “I’m Ziair. Because of these fees and the process to build and try to work with conscious legislators to exempt poor and homeless people from these huge fees and impossible requirements which make it impossible for homeless and poor people to manifest our own solutions and stay in our neighborhood communities and will be kicked out by gentrification.” - Ziair



In conclusion: thanks to the community and poor members /poor/ homefulness was able to get a thirty-day Extension to shut down but in this crisis, the homefulness project realized  we have to speak out but we are still fighting because they want us to pay other fees and they do not care if we are trying to do good by the community. Even when we pay their fees when we don’t have the money we still pay the fees being poor people because they are the government and they don’t give any empathy they just want “bloodstain dollars.” And to say we have to pay permits for our own people doesn't make sense as with apply pressure like the community we will be able to get this house done. But if we were gentrificaters it we would be looked at different but sense we are poor people they treat us different. Story by ziair hughes 


Meeting With Lia Azul

by Tiburcia Garcia


“The concept is that those fees are pulled then allocated to fund public housing.” Those were the words of Lia Salaverry, the community liaison and policy analyst under Councilwoman  Nikki Fortunato Bass, talking about the impact fees that we were there to discuss that afternoon. She looked as confused as us when we told her the fee that, like she said, was used to fund public housing (i.e below market rate or affordable housing) was charged to us, a poor and homeless people-led building project meant to house other poor and homeless families for way below market rate. After many long years being charged exorbitant fees for every single small thing that has the name “permit” in it in the process of building homefulness, a $27,000 Impact Fee, meant to help poor people who need to be housed, was the final straw for us in Homefulness, who right now barely have enough money to afford the utility bills for our current residents. 

Phase 2 of the Homefulness Project, the 4 townhouses that will be converted into 8 units that will house homeless and low-income families was started in 2016, and us being poor builders with very little experience in the contracting game, had no idea how much it would cost to be allowed to start building things. Yes, we knew about permits, and yes we were aware they were going to be a lot of money, however, as we ventured further and further into this project, and faced more roadblocks and obstacles, we realized how profitable the business of permit licensing really was. Every step along the way was a bill, and we finally, after 4 years, are putting a stop to this. 

“Homefulness makes sense, because it's built by the people, for the people,'' said Leo Stegman in the meeting with Lia. On Tuesday, February 4th, 2020, the students of Deecolonize Academy along with the residents of Homefulness and most of the Homefulness building crew, (which conveniently happens to be Homefulness residents) launched a movement by press conference, in order to prevent poor and low-income builders from being stopped completely by the giant wall which is the Impact Fee, which was designed to help them in the first place. We spoke about how the fee is impacting us, as a grass-roots and government grantless movement, and demanded change within this system that is designed to push aside us poor people with every move. We then asked for support from whoever was watching and listening, because all of us are people from the streets housing people on the streets and the city is shutting us down. 

Lia Salaverry agreed to support in any way possible and also was planning to report back to Councilwoman Bass. In my eyes, she looked like she understood the struggle we were going through, and did want to help in any way. But how much she is going to help is yet to be decided, because before there have been a lot of people with access who claimed they were down and were going to help us yet never returned our calls after the first meeting. I'm only hoping that when Lia reports back to the councilwoman the councilwoman will see the evidence presented in front of her that this is unjust, and this money making scheme has to stop, at least for the people who the supposed fee was designed to help.  

By doing this action we are trying to put in effect a change in the impact fee, saying that it will no longer be charged to the people it is supposed to help, and that there are gray areas in the legislation that put it in place, and there are no accidents in government so those gray areas must mean something, that the gray areas be cleared, and the money from the fees that is taken from the big companies is actually given to fund affordable housing, like Homefulnesses, that are yet to be built.

“We need your office to come to our neighborhood, and see what we are doing.” Leroy cut in, and his sentiment was reflected in everyone's faces. We left the meeting hoping that we would see some changes, and were immediately disappointed because as soon as some of the homefulness building crew went to the permit office, they were slapped in the face with a matter-of-fact statement claiming Homefulness still owes the 27,000 dollar Impact Fee. After all of our fighting, and even though it is too soon to tell whether or not Councilwoman Bass will be on our side and back us up to get the impact fee boot off of our neck, but as well as the Impact Fee we also have continuous smaller fees like a 529 dollar bill allowing us to put water meters, not even covering the expenses for the water meters, just allowing us to put them there, so this fight is still going. We always say here that Homefulness isn't a utopic dream or something we wish to do one day, it is something we are currently doing and struggling with.     




Strengthening that Magical Thing Called an Immune System for COVID-19 (and for cold and flu season in general)

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Editors Note: Kiran collected a list of things we can do even if we are struggling to live outside, on EBT or SSI or nothing at all- if you cant do all of them - do some of the most basic like drinking more water, lemon, salt and garlic- and if you have trouble getting any of these ingredients POOR Magazine, United Front Against DIsplacement and Self-Help Hunger Program will be distributing them along with Healing, Cleaning & Sanitation Supplies on Tuesday, March 25th at 1pm at the Wood Street West Oakland Encampment- as well as our SLiding Scale Cafe weekly meal at Homefulness and our weekly meals at East Oakland & SF encampments- email if you would like more information or click here


Immune Tips for COVID-19 (and for cold and flu season in general)

by kiran nigam, Nutritional Therapy Consultant and community facilitator


I think it's safe to say that we've all been thinking more about public health and stopping the spread of viruses over the last few weeks. The need for social distancing right now is high. This helps us to protect each other (especially those who are elder, immune compromised, or have other health conditions that make them more vulnerable) from rapid virus spread, and helps to avoid overwhelming our health system. 


I also want to remind you that our bodies come equipped with an immune system that is designed for fighting viruses. Below are some nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you support your immune system, so that you are better able to fight off infection when exposed. 


First reduce the work your immune system has to do by minimizing the need to fight off viruses and bacteria.

  • Wash your hands, more than you are used to, more than you think you need to, and for longer than you probably do usually (20 seconds). Work up a good soapy lather. Great times to wash your hands: before eating, after using the bathroom, after touching public surfaces (door knobs, tables, chairs, etc), after using public transit. 
  • Avoid touching your face. 
  • As much as possible follow guidelines for social distancing, to minimize exposure of yourself and others.

Get as much sleep as you are able to. 

Sleep plays an important role in immune system functioning. Being well rested can help you fight infection and prevent getting sick by supporting an optimally functioning immune system. If you aren't getting as much sleep as you know you could use, try adding an hour or two of sleep in by going to bed earlier. Take advantage of opportunities to nap if they arise. 


Remove whatever stresses you have control over. 

Stress reduces the immune system's ability to fight off infections. If there are any stresses in your life you have control over, take steps to remove or reduce them. 


Stay hydrated. 

Good hydration supports lymph flow, supports strong immune functioning, and helps your body eliminate toxins and bacteria. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. 


Avoid sugar. 

Sugar weakens the immune system. As much as possible, minimize sugary drinks and snacks to support your immune health. 


Eat foods high in zinc. 

  • Zinc supports and strengthens the immune system. 
  • Foods high in zinc include:  oysters (you can find smoked oysters in a can for more affordable prices), lamb, pumpkin seeds (soaked/sprouted), grass fed beef, chickpeas, cocoa powder, kefir, yogurt, mushrooms, spinach, chicken, turkey, cheese, swiss chard, lima beans, potato (with skin), oats, pecans. 
  • You can also find zinc lozenges, for when you first get sick, in many grocery stores. 


Eat foods high in Vitamin A. 

  • Vitamin A helps regulate the immune system.
  • Foods high in vitamin A include: liver, egg yolks, fatty fishes (like salmon), sweet potatoes, carrots, red and orange bell peppers, dark green vegetables. 


Eat Probiotic Foods

  • Over 70% of your immune system is in your gut! Treat it well. Probiotic foods can help boost the immune system and promote the production of natural antibodies.
  • Some probiotic foods include: yogurt, sauerkraut, keifer, crème fraiche, live pickles, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables, kombucha, kvass... 


Kitchen Medicine Cabinet

  • Shiitake and maitake mushrooms help to strengthen the immune system. 
  • Ginger can naturally boost the immune system and help to fight viruses. Good for tea (with lemon, honey yum!) and cooking 
  • Garlic is antiviral. Good for tea and cooking
  • Onions are full of immune boosting nutrients. Good for cooking. You can also steep cut onions in water or honey overnight and drink spoonfuls of the liquid to boost your immune response. 
  • Kitchen medicine cabinet recipes (from my kitchen):
    • “I Won't Get sick Tea”:  garlic, ginger, black pepper, lemon, honey steeped in hot water. I sometimes add in herbs like rosemary, thyme, or eucalyptus leaves (can be found growing throughout the Bay Area).
    • Homemade Cough Syrup: Finely cut onions, garlic and ginger and fill a mason jar half way. Pour honey on top of the onions, garlic, and ginger, put a top on the jar, and let it sit over night. The syrup is ready to use the next morning. No need to remove the veggies, just press down to access the syrup.
    • Fire Cider: I finely chop garlic, ginger, hot chillies, horseradish, onions, black pepper, turmeric root (or whatever combination of those I have available to me) and fill a mason jar ½ – ¾  full with the mixture. Then fill the jar to the top with apple cider vinegar. This recipe is best if you're able to let it sit for a few weeks. Then you can take “shots” or spoonfuls of fire cider to help fight off cold and flu.
    • Classic Tea: ginger, lemon juice, and honey steeped in hot water. Add in cinnamon for some extra warming effects. 


Other Herbs

  • Elderberry helps to boost the immune system. You can find elderberry syrups in many grocery stores. 
  • Licorice root and echinacea are both antiviral, antibacterial, increases the production of more immune cells, and increases the activity of existing immune cells. 
  • Rosemary, thyme, and eucalyptus leaves are helpful for coughs. They make delicious teas, with honey and lemon.