Cultural Work, Theatre, Poetry, Performance, Visual and Literary Art on Poverty, Race, Disability, Criminalization, Indigenismo and Resistance
Po' Poets Project/Poetas POBRES Proyecto
A Bilingual/Inter-generational Workshop, a Group, a Revolution!/¡un taller bilingue/entre varias generaciones, un grupo una revolucion! — En Español
The welfareQUEENS is a revolutionary group of mamaz, daughters and sons struggling with poverty, welfare, racism and disability, poor women creating art with the goal of resisting and reclaiming the racist and classist mythologies about poverty and the criminilization of poor people in Amerikkka.

Los Viajes/The Journeys
Stories and images from peoples crossing borders all over Pachamama/Mother Earth/Historias y imagines de personas que cruzan las fronteras por toda Pachamama, la madre tierra — En Español
Hotel Voices
The Revolutionary Theatre project co-written, co-directed and acted by writers, artists and poets currently living, surviving and sometimes thriving in Single Room Occupancy Hotels aka poor people housing in the Bay Area.

Al Robles - Poet, Community Scholar, Revolutionary Teacher ,Activist and Poverty Hero  The Al Robles Living Library Project honors the community literary spirit of Al Robles with writing projects, art and performance with the goal of inspiring future poets and community scholars like Uncle Al Robles.

Poverty Heroes Project
Literary and Visual Art honoring a new literary Hero - The Poverty Hero

Re-Views for the Revolution    
Revolutionary unseen artists, silenced voices, theatre, books, films, music, spoken word, performance, actions and events