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POOR Magazine Demands an End to All Sweeps, Belonging Theft, Evictions and Foreclosures

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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POOR Magazine/Homefuness is formerly demanding a permanent end to:

-All "Sweeps", Belonging theft and all Criminalization of Unhoused peoples in this Covid19 Crisis and Forever.

-A Moratorium on Evictions of Low and no-income elders, families and workers in this Covid19 crisis and Forever

- A Moratorium on all Foreclosures of homes owned by individual families, disabled communities and elders 

- A end to the shut off of utilities of families and elders disabled 

-Sick pay paid to all gig workers, low-wage workers and families for the duration of this Covid19crisis 

-Vacant and Hoarded Land, Homes and Buildings Immediately Redistributed to Houseless Families, Elders and Individuals at no cost for their own self-determined movements like Homefulness, Moms4Housing and #WhereDoWeGoBerkeley? #FirstTheyCameForTheHomeless 

Join #RoofLessRadio as we continue to activate radical redistributed resources to all of us Po folks on March 24th- click here:

ComeUnity Healing,Cleaning Sanitation Supplies Radical Redistribution Days at Encampments & Po People Housing


Broken Promises Before Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Now This: People with Disabilities

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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Today yes we are locked down if you have a home and as we wait once again to see if the people get bailouts many groups have been in this situation over and over. From democrats to republicans have so many broken promises toward people with disabilities going back to the 70’s..
- Rehabilitation Act of 1973 back it took protests across this nation to get the regulations signed and enforced.
- Education for all Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA) in 1977 that it’s now called Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has never full funded thus not fully implemented.
- And it took years to get the Americans with Disability Act, ADA, to get passed in 1990 but since Bush 2 every administrations have attacked and water down ADA.
So with all of these broken promises it only gets worst in emergency cases as we have seen in all recent disasters from Katerina in New Orleans where people with disabilities were left behind to die in nursing homes, hospitals and in their own homes to
Puerto Rico where ADA wasn’t enforced and it caused a lot of deaths after the earthquake and
Now today under Coronavirus (COVID-19) we can see that people with disabilities are hit and with a lack of enforcing of our laws are leaving us once again alone aka social distancing that affects our lives.
We can look at the aftermath of these disasters people with disabilities were and still are left out of bailing-outs and rebuilding.  And as a Black disabled poor man I can tell you stories upon stories of the harsh realitites of Black disabled poor people in, during and after emergencies and 99.99% of the times these stories will be of being left behide and being discriminating against not only by our own community but even by service providers and our own government!
Today we should laugh at these former and recent presidential candidates with their disability platforms that calls for fully funding our laws since 1970’s by many who have been in political office for a long time.
Broken promises before coronavirus have equaled our death before, during and after emergencies only equals more death to people with disabilities.  Not only in the political arena but in our so called non-profit social justice movements, people with disabilities not only left out but not fully funded and implementation of our laws etc will continue to push us over the edge during and after emergencies and continue our invisibility in these so called social justice movements.
Please read read and watch out for these so called bailouts because they are sliding things in these bailouts that will hurts disabled folks like today March 19/20 in the Hoffpost's article entitled, New Coronavirus Package Could Unravel Protections For Students With Disabilities goes on to say:
"....proposed “Phase 3” coronavirus stimulus package many civil rights advocates are calling the provision shameful, saying Republicans are using the complicated crisis as an opportunity to potentially scale back some protections for vulnerable groups. As of the 2017-2018 school year, 7 million students ― or 14% of all children ages 3 to 21 ― received special education services under IDEA, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal education law that governs special education, schools are required to provide an equal education for students with disabilities. Under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, federally funded programs are prohibited from discriminating based on disability.
However, the new Senate package, which still has to be passed by Congress, says Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos can soon tell Congress whether or not she thinks schools should be temporarily exempt from some of these requirements.
The proposal says that within 30 days of its enactment, DeVos should prepare a report for Senate committees “with recommendations on any additional waivers the Secretary believes are necessary to be enacted into law … to provide limited flexibility to States and local educational agencies to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.”
So even today under Trump's adminstration in emergency situation, coronavirus, this government is once again rolling back disability laws and services.
By Leroy F Moore Jr.
Friday, March 20, 2020

My Krip Kamp Story, Honoring Ms. Bev Jackson

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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Now that  Jim LeBrecht’s film, Crip Camp is out, I wanted to put my Crip Camp story out that started with a mirror that was named Beverley aka Bev Jackson, a director of United Cerebral Palsy Association and she was the director of Summer camp, Camp Harkness. Oh yeah Jackson like me was Black and disabled, same disability that I had cerebral palsy.
It began when my mom took me to obtain recreational services at the United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCP) in West Hartford, Connecticut .  We both walked up the street from the apartment that my two sisters, I and my mother were living in the mid 1980’s after returning from living with my father in Pontiac, Michigan . That apartment was across the street from the famous WCCC radio station where Howard Stern got his start. The reason why WCCC  was so important to me is that at the time I wanted to be a radio DJ even though I used to stutter. 
I was surprised to see that a Black disabled lady approached us in the waiting room at the UCP center but my mom wasn’t surprised.  It seemed like she knew Beverley aka Bev Jackson. Ms. Jackson took us to her office. I noticed that her cerebral palsy was more severe than mine but I understood every word she said, that CP speech was like mine!  Ms. Jackson talked about UCP sports from wheelchair soccer, to track , to cycling, to Camp Harkness. Eventually I got involved in all of it .  That really strengthened my disability identity.  I went to the Paralympics in Seoul Korea for cycling and other sports. I was the best in wheelchair soccer on the East coast .  
For ten plus years every summer I attended Camp Harkness, first as a camper, then Ms. Jackson hired me as a junior counselor. 
Ms. Jackson took me into her world as director of the UCP center and Camp Harkness. She picked up where my dad left off in teaching me about the ins and outs of running a non-profit and a Summer camp.  Not knowing, at the time, that I would become co-director of the camp and Ms Jackson would retire and return as a camper.  In addition I took her non-profit knowledge to begin my own non-profit in San Francisco in the late nineties for people of color with disabilities. 
Like most youth who grew up in a summer camp, I had my summer love, heartbreak, made long lasting friendships that are still strong today.  However, what stood out for me as a Black disabled pre teen  was Beverley Jackson and the other Black disabled people I met like Sticks who played wheelchair soccer with me. There was also a  teenager, I forgot her name, but we met at Camp Harkness where we had serious conversations about being Black and disabled in the 1980’s.
Till this day most of the times when I’m in Connecticut I try to visit some of my friends from Camp Harkness and I always give thanks to my mom who introduced me to my mirror, who now I call my role model, Ms. Beverley Jackson!
By Leroy F. Moore Jr

Healing Sanitation, Cleaning Supplies, Tents & Sleeping Bags Needed for Radical Redistribution to Po & Houseless Folks

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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As most of you know, people are hoarding wipes and hand sanitizer, paper towels, clorox, gloves, large bottles of water with spigots ( to cut down on plastic water bottle consumption) and masks. Meanwhile many people including houseless people have no access to them.
If you have those, if you have access to them or if you can buy them for us, we would appreciate it. If people could drop off tents and sleeping bags too that would be much appreciated. 
List of requested donations:
- Hand sanitizer
- Paper towels/Toilet Paper-Napkins
- Clorox and lysol
- Gloves
- Face masks
- Thermometers
- Soap
- Tents 
- Sleeping Bags
- Clorox Wipes 
-Other Non-Toxic Solutions like Vinegar - and other non-toxic solutions - 
-Healing Tinctures, 
-energy C - and other healing /immune system enhancers- 
These things can be dropped off at Homefulness - 8032 BlackArthur (Macarthur) Bl - Deep East Huchuin (Oakland) pls email to let us know- 
Or you can Donate on venmo- @RadicalRedistribution-Fund 
So much gratitude for whatever you can help with- This is Interdependence! and we do it with or without a virus 

Immune Tips for COVID-19 (and for cold and flu season in general)

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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I think it's safe to say that we've all been thinking more about public health and stopping the
spread of viruses over the last few weeks. The need for social distancing right now is high. This
help us to to protect each other (especially those who are elder, immune compromised, or have
other health conditions that make them more vulnerable) from rapid virus spread, and helps to
avoid overwhelming our health system.
I also want to remind you that our bodies come equipped with an immune system that is
designed for fighting viruses. Below are some nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you support your
immune system, so that you are better able to fight off infection when exposed.
First reduce the work your immune system has to do by minimizing the need to fight off
viruses and bacteria.
• Wash your hands, more than you are used to, more than you think you need to, and for
longer than you probably do usually (20 seconds). Work up a good soapy lather. Great
times to wash your hands: before eating, after using the bathroom, after touching public
surfaces (door knobs, tables, chairs, etc), after using public transit.
• Avoid touching your face.
• As much as possible follow guidelines for social distancing, to minimize exposure of
yourself and others.
•Get as much sleep as you are able to.
Sleep plays an important role in immune system functioning. Being well rested can help you
fight infection and prevent getting sick by supporting an optimally functioning immune system. If
you aren't getting as much sleep as you know you could use, try adding an hour or two of sleep
in by going to bed earlier. Take advantage of opportunities to nap if they arise.
•Remove whatever stresses you have control over.
Stress reduces the immune system's ability to fight off infections. If there are any stresses in
your life you have control over, take steps to remove or reduce them.
Stay hydrated.
Good hydration supports lymph flow, supports strong immune functioning, and helps your body
eliminate toxins and bacteria. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day.
Avoid sugar.
Sugar weakens the immune system. As much as possible, minimize sugary drinks and snacks
to support your immune health.
Eat foods high in zinc.
• Zinc supports and strengthens the immune system.
• Foods high in zinc include: oysters (you can find smoked oysters in a can for more
affordable prices), lamb, pumpkin seeds (soaked/sprouted), grass fed beef, chickpeas,
cocoa powder, kefir, yogurt, mushrooms, spinach, chicken, turkey, cheese, swiss chard,
lima beans, potato (with skin), oats, pecans.
• You can also find zinc lozenges, for when you first get sick, in many grocery stores.
Eat foods high in Vitamin A.
• Vitamin A helps regulate the immune system.
• Foods high in vitamin A include: liver, egg yolks fatty fishes (like salmon), sweet
potatoes, carrots, red and orange bell peppers, dark green vegetables.
Eat Probiotic Foods
• Over 70% of your immune system is in your gut! Treat it well. Probiotic foods can help
boost the immune system and promote the production of natural antibodies.
• Some probiotic foods include: yogurt, sauerkraut, keifer, crème fraiche, live pickles,
kimchi, and other fermented vegetables, kombucha, kvass...
Kitchen Medicine Cabinet
• Shiitake and maitake mushrooms help to strengthen the immune system.
• Ginger can naturally boost the immune system and help to fight viruses. Good for tea
(with lemon, honey yum!) and cooking
• Garlic is antiviral. Good for tea and cooking
• Onions are full of immune boosting nutrients. Good for cooking. You can also steep cut
onions in water or honey or, for those who are adventurous
• Kitchen medicine cabinet recipes (from my kitchen:
◦ I won't get sick tea: garlic, ginger, black pepper, lemon, honey steeped in hot water. I
sometimes add in herbs like rosemary, thyme, or eucalyptus.
◦ Homemade cough syrup: Finely cut onions, garlic and ginger and fill a mason jar half
way. Pour honey on top of the onions, garlic, and ginger, put a top on the jar, and let it
sit over night. The syrup is ready to use the next morning. No need to remove the
veggies, just press down to access the syrup.
◦ Fire cider: I finely chop garlic, ginger, hot chillies, horseradish, onions, black pepper,
turmeric root (or whatever combination of those I have available to me) and fill a
mason jar 1/2-3/4 full with the mixture. Fill the jar to the top with apple cider vinegar.
This one is best if you're able to let it sit for a few weeks. Then you can take “shots” or
spoonfuls of fire cider to help fight off cold and flu.
◦ Classic tea: ginger, lemon juice, and honey steeped in hot water. Add in cinnamon for
some extra warming effects.
Other Herbs
• Elderberry helps to boost the immune system. You can find elderberry syrups in many
grocery stores.
• Licorice root is antiviral, antibacterial, increases the production of more immune cells,
and increases the activity of existing immune cells.
• Echinacea is antiviral, antibacterial, increases the production of more immune cells, and
increases the activity of existing immune cells.
• Rosemary, thyme, and eucalyptus are helpful for coughs. They make delicious teas, with
honey and lemon.

Stop Hoarding Hotel Rooms- Press Statement by Houseless & Housed Californians Against California "CoronaCamps"

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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Press Contact: Leroy Moore, Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia (510)-435-7500 - email:
Houseless Peoples and Advocates Stand Together Against "Camps" For Homeless Californians While Motel and Hotel Rooms are Hoarded and Sit Empty 
From Santa Cruz to San Francisco (and all across this nation) government agencies who receive millions of dollars to "help homeless people"  are warehousing unhoused people in cold, unsafe convention halls, parking lots or abandoned buildings, while thousands of motel and hotel rooms are hoarded by greedy corporations owners and sit empty
"I was stopped by police three times yesterday asking me what i was doing on the street," said John Randall, unhoused Pvoerty Skola reporter for POOR Magazine's RoofLESS radio. 
"We need to place vulnerable unhoused people in hotel rooms now. Time wasted is lives risked." said Jennifer Friedenbach, Director of Coalition on Homelessness
"Many privileged people have never experienced this in their lifetimes, however, people with disabilities, especially us who are houseless, have experienced this over and over, how government and even some in our communities have time and time again left us behind in times of emergencies from hurricane Katrina to the earthquake in Puerto Rico.  Just as the New Orleans Superdome became a terrifying place for a lot of people who  became homeless today in San Francisco, the mayor is opening up indoor camps. This is why we need solutions from and by the people like Homefulness of Poor Magazine, said Leroy Moore, Co-founder of Homefulness - a homeless people's solution to homelessness and Krip Hop Nation.
" Why would i ever go to camp?  As a houseless Black woman, i have no trust in the government," said Marcia C - houseless poverty skola reporter for POOR Magazine
The Bay Area and all of California is home to some of the largest homeless communities in the country, yet local governments have provided little to prevent the spread of coronavirus among homeless people and are now coming up with a fascist response that is analogous to incarceration or internment camps, while houseless folks in cities like Berkeley and San Francisco face increased police harassment for not: sheltering in place.
"These Camps will kill us if the police don't first harass us to go in them... the terrifying actions of politricksters like San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Governor Newsom and Justin Cummings of Santa Cruz, as well as wealth-hoarding and land-stealing corporate hotel and motel owners all working in tandem to perpetuate dangerous scarcity models of not enough will result in the death of thousands of us poor and houseless people,"  said Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia, formerly houseless Co-founder of POOR Magazine and Homefulness and author of Criminal of Poverty : Growing Up homeless in America
Unhoused communities are more likely to struggle with medical fragility, disability and/or  have health conditions including HIV, Heart Disease, and Diabetes, making them extremely vulnerable during global pandemics. 
Advocates and houseless people across California have been struggling with increased polcie harassment for walking, sleeping or living while houseless in public for years and and now with the implementation of these "Coronacamps" the police interactions have become more violent and dangerous.
"Indoor camps as currently fashioned will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. It, in fact, does the opposite. It places people in close quarters with inadequate sanitation opportunities including bathroom and isolation areas when Californians have been ordered to shelter in place. It does not provide, per the Governor’s charge, “a door with a key that locks.”...said Carol Fife, Director ACCE and Moms4Housing Organizer.
"All of our health depends on each other right now, and hoarding money and empty hotel rooms means more of us will die. This virus is making it more clear than ever before that our decision to prioritize private property over our friends and neighbors who have been evicted and displaced is a matter of life and death, and the city is choosing death. " said housed member of POOR Magazine's Solidarity Family- a coalition of conscious people with race and class privilege who radically redistribute hoarded resources to support unhoused Black, Brown, Indigenous and Poor people across Turtle Island 

As a contrast to the government scarcity model politricks, acts of vioent wealth-hoarding of land and resources is POOR Magazine’s Homefulness Project, The United Front Against Displacement Self-Help Hunger Program, East Oakland Collective, The Disability Culture Club, HomiesEmpowerment, Community Ready Corps, Consider the Homeless and other very grassroots organizations all across the Bay Area that have been doing daily Mutual aid redistribution efforts to unhoused and very low-income housed or marginally housed indigenous refugees, providing supplies of gloves, masks, hand sanitizers and more to people who have no way of affording or even attaining these crucial survival supplies. All of the agencies are accepting donations of supplies and resources to continue this urgent work.

"We are the ones in the trenches fighting this war against a virus with the poor people while those “in power” continue their behavior of protecting the dollar " Barbara Brust, Consider the Homeless in Berkeley

We stand with the houseless people in California demanding the human right to be housed. There are more abandoned houses, hotels and dorm rooms than homeless people. No house less person should die from a preventable death. House the people now., said Cheri Honkala- Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign and Poor Peoples Army Philadelphia, Penn

"It is criminal to imagine a world where we have empty hotels, empty buildings, and we say we are concerned about Covid-19, but refuse to open them up to our unhoused neighbors. These hotels that do not open their doors should be boycotted and shouldn't allow to operate if they are not willing to be our community's keepers at an emergency time such as this." Dr. Cesar A. Cruz, Co-Founder, Homies Empowerment
"I am terrified of dying on the streets, but more scared of what will happen in these modern-day concentration camps, said Papa G-, elder houseless poverty skola from East Oakland 
“We know that in San Francisco, one out of two unhoused neighbors are over 50 years old, with the majority being Black and Brown people. Many many have disabilities and are most vulnerable to not surviving a covid19 exposure. As much as the Bay Area is famous for creating disability rights, the city of San Francisco has an ugly history of regarding disabled people as expendable, ticketing people on the street and forcing people into warehouses to be kept out of sight. It’s scary that between this death camp and the push for conservatorship, Mayor Breed’s plan for unhoused elders and disabled people hasn’t changed much from the high days of San Franciscan eugenics society so likes to feel removed from.” Stacey Park, Disability Justice Culture Club member
"Our cities have hundreds, probably thousands of hotel rooms standing empty. These must be made available through a partnership between hotel owners and government, for people who are unhoused. It is irresponsible and heartless to crowd unhoused people into convention centers with insufficient sanitation possibilities and no way to social-distance. No human being is disposable, and they should never be warehoused, Nichola Torbett, POOR Magazine Solidarity Family member
"If we dont go into them we will be arrested, period," said Able, youth houseless poverty skola reporter from North Oakland.
“With thousands of vacant hotel rooms available, Mayor breed has decided to forego recommendations of social distancing and instead socially concentrate thousands of people in indoor warehouse camps, beds placed a few feet from one another. In one of the richest cities in the world, Mayor Breed shows that wealth disparity looms over the pandemic prioritizing the rich at the great expense of our collective health.”-Rebecca Ruiz --

Co-sponsors of this statement include HomiesEmpowerment of Oakland  POOR Magazine's Homefulness Project- the SFBayview Newspaper, -East Oakland Collective Self-Help Hunger Program, United Front Against Displacement, POOR Magazine's Solidarity Family,KRIP HOP NATION, Consider the Homeless, and SAC SOUP,.To reach any of the speakers for a comment please email


Youth Poverty Skolaz Response to Billionaires Disaster Krapitalism

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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Bonanza is Cansa, by Kimo Umu
Since early January of this year, the covid-19 virus has continued to surge through the country. Many who are impacted first are the people without homes struggling to make it to the next day.
In the United States today 78 percent of households are living paycheck to paycheck. 20 percent of these individuals have a net worth of zero and below. I suspect this includes the homeless, impoverished and immigrants. 
I know this from the firsthand account of my experiences with poverty along with others like me. While Jeff Bezos is filling his pockets full of ________ this community of mine suffers from the lack of assistance.
Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet own as much wealth as the bottom half of all households together. Plus the amount these people are making has increased ever since Donald Trump's inauguration.
Jeff Bezos has made up to ten billion dollars. While his previous ex-wife Makenzie Bezos has made upwards to 3.5 billion dollars. This also includes, Elon Musk CEO of Tesla, whose wealth has increased by 5 billion dollars.
How did they make all this money? This is maybe to the due to the fact that these billionaires' taxes were lowered by 79%. From 1980 to 2018, taxes paid by these billionaires assessed from their wealth was decreased by 79% and is still decreasing till this day.
There is a solution floating around, saying to unleash a stimulus package. Meaning we give a percentage of our tax money to corporations and while some don't have a home, we will still need to pay our taxes.
This solution sounds like the poor people's led solution without all the privatization. The "Stolen Land and hoarded resources redistribution" is a solution to the problem of poverty.
Here, I can hide it no longer. I am a part of this courageous organization against the war on poverty. The United States has put a gap between the rich and the poor.
The idea is fueled by the fact that this country was founded on colonization. A need to conquer and dominate while others suffer. Or as it's known, the scarcity model.
We find consulting those with wealth and convincing them to contribute to those in need is a modern-day form of decolonization. 
Though it is not easy to try to find an answer to the problem it is still better to try. Even though many of these billionaires are not directly responsible for the declining economy their act of standing by like nothing is wrong is the problem. 
How the Rich get Richer: COVID-19 SPECIAL EDITION, by Tibu Garcia
In nature, there is a balance, an ecosystem. You can see an example of this ecosystem anywhere if you look close enough. This is how it should be, yet capitalism and the greed of men and women who thirst for power make this balance impossible. Capitalism allows those greedy people a way to profit off of the less fortunate, to feed off of them in a way that doesn't make sense in the natural order of things and upsets the balance. This has been an issue throughout human history, and now due to an epidemic that affects both classes of wealth, it is thriving. Billionaires who should be helping keep their fellow humans alive and safe are watching them die, hiding their wicked grins behind charity donations and tax write offs, but it is obvious to me that these people who stand at the top, most of them being born already three fourths of the way there, gain in massive ways from our suffering. 
“Between March 18 and April 10, 2020, over 22 million people lost their jobs as the unemployment rate surged to 15 percent. Over the same three weeks, U.S billionaire wealth increased by 282 billion, an almost 10 percent gain.”, that was from the Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth Windfalls, Tumbling Taxes, and Pandemic Profiters report by the Institute for Policy Studies. This quote sums up the unfairness and imbalance of the system that keeps us all down. When we, as poor and indigenous people, are suffering through a deadly disease, the richest in this country not only do nothing to help us, but they make us suffer more in order to make more profit
Homeless people's tents and belongings are still being sweeped, people who can't pay rent are still being evicted, even though the primary reason they can’t pay rent nowadays is because they lost their job, being deemed “non-essential” workers, by the very companies who are profiting from all of this. In an apartment complex owned by Raj Properties, 37 tenants are being evicted due to unpaid rent when the County of Alameda has a Eviction Moratorium in place, meaning a law that allows tenants to not need to pay rent in this crisis if they are unemployed.   
Some of the companies that are seeing the most influx of profit are companies who solely operate online. Now that most of the United States are cooped up in their houses in the era of technology, the online shopping industry, led by Amazon, is booming. Video chat companies like Zoom are also sharing the lions' worth in customers that are trying to stay in contact with family members that are unable to see each other in person. This is one of the many ways that companies like these profit from not only poor people, but middle and working class people.  
At Homefulness, we have created a solution to this error in the ecosystem of life, and it is called the Stolen Land Hoarded Resources Tour and People Skool. The Tour goes right in the faces of the quiet, behind the scene oppressors, the real estate moguls and top earners in this country and tells them our story. We go to the richest places in the United States and tell them why they need to donate to our cause. We aren't begging, or pleading or asking or a handout. We are demanding reparations for the 500+ years of suffering their ancestors have put indigenous people through. Through Tours like those, and other workshops that we do as a part of Homefulness, we find wealthy people who have been profiting off of that system of oppression and want to change. We teach them what it means to repair, and what their ancestors have done that they haven't been taught.
I have noticed in my life that there are certain imbalances, a certain level of unfairness. I see the higher class in their ivory towers and wonder why I am not them. I wonder why I was born into poverty, and why I had to go through what I did and they didn't. I start to question, maybe the rich being rich and the poor staying poor is a balance, they consume us for greed and we work for them and stay under their thumb. If that is the way it is supposed to be, then I want to set out to change that. Using what I know about this uneven scale, I can change this twisted ecosystem that spits out anything it can't use, and treasures the things that are useless. The billionaires that are making money on people who have nothing are going to keep getting richer unless we have movements like Homefulness using the Stolen Land Tour to stop that from happening.   
Billionaire Bonanza, by Akil Corrillo
The first article I read was Billionaire Bonanza which was an article explaining the wealth that well- known billionaires have. It brings up two main topics, taxes and how the pandemic is affecting their money. It brings up people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett. According to the Billionaire Bonanza the wealth of billionaires has increased by 10.5 percent since Trump has become president. What's even more surprising is that just 23 days into the Covid pandemic their wealth had increased by 9.5 percent, which is a huge increase in such a short time.Meanwhile, an estimated 78 percent of households are living paycheck to paycheck, while 20 percent have zero or negative net worth. In addition there is the growing unemployment because of this pandemic and the possible recession. The taxes the billionaires pay, which is measured as a percentage of their wealth, decreased by 79 percent, which just feeds the hoarding pigs of America. We will have trillions in debt after this pandemic and let's hope that the rich don't try to escape the rise in tax.
Last year the amount of billionaires rose from 607 people to 614. But their total wealth decreased from $3.111 trillion to $2.947 trillion. This year things are turning around for them due to the pandemic.By April 10, their wealth had surged to $3.229 trillion, surpassing the 2019 level. Jeff Bezos has been the one who has gained the most with his wealth increasing over $25 billion since January 1, 2020 and $12 billion since February 21st, 2020, the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that stood out to me was, “Within 30 months of the September 2008 crash, most billionaire fortunes had recovered.” 
The next article I read was Poor people help ‘rich’ people redistribute stolen inherited and hoarded wealth across Mama Earth by Vivi T, Poor Magazine. This article is about a redistribution tour Poor Magazine had. It's a tour in which one enters a wealthy neighborhood and educates people with money on what is going on and if lucky maybe some will choose to redistribute and help. People from all over the community and different activist groups all joined this tour. Corrina Gould of the Sogorea Land Trust was part of this and educated everyone on the land they live in and what they do to help. It seems like they were successful in getting one guy to email them and start helping Poor Magazine by distributing his wealth. It was only one person out of the bunch of houses they knocked on put at least its progress.
After reading these two articles I felt like they were made to be read one after the other. The first one is about the mass wealth these billionaires have and how they profit out of almost anything. The next article was about solutions Poor Magazine has done to try to redistribute this wealth to help people in need. After reading these articles a couple things are clear, this system is not made for everyone and is clearly biased. I also learned that wealth means power and power means control. It's obviously not fair that there are families without a home or food but then there's billionaires with 6 homes and 10 cars. Something that commonly happens with rich people is that they get bored with their money and start to spend it on useless things like sending a tesla to space. This made me think of the times I would watch mythbusters with my dad and in one episode they destroyed cars and my dad would say “They should have given me that car” I always thought it was funny but now it's more clear on what he meant. This is where the word “Hoarding” comes into play. I always have wanted to make a lot of money, it's always been a dream. I've seen my family stressed out about it, moved a whole lot (luckily never homeless) and I also hated the fact that we couldn't afford things that everyone else at school had. These are things I've always wanted to escape. I also have to take up the responsibility of sending money to my family in Guatemala every month and it's something I'm prepared to do regardless if I'm rich or not, obviously it would be better if I'm rich. 



Decolonized English class Jailhouse Lawyering Semester Finals from Youth PovertySkola Students 2019-2020

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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Photo: Decolonize Academy visits the Alameda County Law Library 





For their final assignments in Jailhouse Lawyering class, the Decolonize Academy you wrote arguments in the famous cases. 


Kimo. VS . Mcmichaels

by Kimo Umu


Summary of the Case

A 36-second video of the incident was recorded by William "Roddie" Bryan, a neighbor of the McMichaels, using his cellphone from his vehicle as he followed Arbery jogging down a neighborhood road.[3][36][37] From the camera's perspective, Arbery is seen jogging on the left side of the road when he encounters a white pickup truck that has stopped in the right lane.[36][37] Gregory McMichael is on the truck bed, while Travis McMichael initially stands beside the driver's door with a shotgun.[38][39][37][40] Bryan's vehicle comes to a stop behind Arbery and the pickup truck.[38][39]

As Arbery approaches the pickup truck, shouting can be heard.[38] Arbery then crosses from the left side of the road to the right side and runs around the passenger's side of the truck. After passing the truck's front, Arbery turns left.[39][37][41] Meanwhile, Travis McMichael, holding his shotgun, approaches Arbery at the truck's front.[40][42] The camera's view of the confrontation between Arbery and Travis is then momentarily blocked.[43]

Several media accounts of the video report that the audio of the first gunshot seems to be heard before Arbery and Travis struggle with each other.[36][41][44] Some media accounts first report a struggle, and then mention the gunshot(s).[39][45] Other media accounts describe that it was "not possible" to see from the video what was happening when the first gunshot was fired,[46] or report that the truck "blocks the view of how the men first engage each other" with regard to when the gunshot is heard.[47]

Travis and Arbery grapple over the shotgun in view of the camera.[48][41] While struggling, both men disappear off camera view on the left side of the camera frame, after which the audio of a second gunshot is heard.[39][37] When they come back into camera view, Arbery appears to throw punches and tries to grab the shotgun.[49][39] A third gunshot is heard being fired by Travis at point-blank range as Arbery appears to throw a right-handed punch at his head.[50][38][37] Arbery recoils back, stumbles, and collapses in the middle of the road face-down while Travis walks away.[36][39][40] Gregory McMichael, who has taken out a handgun but not fired, then runs towards the other two men.[39][38]

The official autopsy determined that Arbery was shot three times with the shotgun. One gunshot wounded the upper left chest, one gunshot wounded the lower middle chest, and one gunshot caused a "deep, gaping" graze wound to the right wrist.[51] There were no signs of alcohol or drugs in Arbery's body.[51]


First Degree Of Murder 

Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice aforethought. This state of mind may, depending upon the jurisdiction, distinguish murder from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter

Aggravated Assault Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice aforethought. This state of mind may, depending upon the jurisdiction, distinguish murder from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter

Laws Used in the Case

Today you people have the decision to believe that these men are innocent or that Gregory and Travis Mcmichael are guilty for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

On the day that Mr.Arbery was jogging through the neighborhood of Gregory and Travis Mcmichael. He had seen a house that was still under construction and became curious and went into the house. That’s when Mr.Arbery who was 25 was approached by Gregory being 34 and Travis being 64. 

Travis and Gregory had made a phone call to the police at 1:08 claiming there was many burglaries going around the neighborhood of stolen weapons. That claim turned out to be false. They then proceeded without any permission from police and began their presuit on mr arbery.

Gregory and Travis along with two other people approached the arbery in a white truck behind arbery. What happened next could be only seen slightly on a video camera recorded by friends of the Mcmichaels. Some shouting was heard and then a scuffle between travis and arbery. Three shoots were heard from a shotgun through the video.

I believe Gregory and Travis should be convicted for their poor decision making. Taking matters into their own hands instead of leaving the situation up to professional was a mistake. They murdered this man in cold blood i believe they used racial profiling to justify their crusade against blacks.


The Case of Ahmaud Arbery

by Tiburcio Garcia


Case Summary


Two white men committed a hate crime and murder in the first degree against an unarmed black man. Ahmad Arbery, 25, was jogging in a residential neighborhood when Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, followed him, thinking he was the robber that was allegedly entering houses of different houses in that neighborhood. Once Arbery realized he was being followed, he ran faster, but the suspects were in a vehicle, and quickly caught up with them. Both Travis and Gregory were armed with a shotgun and a revolver, and when Arbery attempted to fight for his life, they shot there was a struggle and he died on the scene. The McMichaels were not arrested, and only were looked at when a cell phone video taken by William Roddie Bryan, a friend of the McMichaels, that shows the murder of Arbery, surfaced and became viral. The suspects were arrested 2 months after the murder.




One count of Murder in the 1st degree 


Closing Arguments


Ahmad Arbury was a former football player, and a man who loved to run. Everyone in his small Brunswick community knew that he liked to jog, and as someone who enjoys exercising, that makes sense to me. While jogging, as a black man in a world where the color of your skin isn't supposed to matter yet it does, he ran through a white neighborhood. He was accused of breaking and entering, his attackers saying they saw a video of him entering a house in their neighborhood, yet they didn't hunt down and shoot many others who went into the same house, all of whom were white, including two children. Do you, as the jury, believe that if Ahmad Arbery was a white man jogging down that same street, and was seen earlier walking into that house that wasn't his property, that things would have turned out the way they did?  



Ahmaud Arbery

by Akil Carrillo 

On February 23, 2020 Ahmaud Arbery was on his daily jog.Gregory and travis Mcmicheal, a father and son due chased him down and killed him with their shotguns. They said they were suspicious that Ahmaud Arbery was the person responsible for recent break ins. This is a simple case of murder. Two armed men chase down an unarmed man and kill him. There is nothing more to it. But for some reason the cops let them free. Gregory turns out to be an ex cop which explains why they weren't arrested. Glynn county is known to not arrest “one of their own”. There have been multiple cases in which an ex cop was arrested in that area.


According to Georgia Code Section 16-5-1 causing the death of another person is prohibited, with expressed or implied malice. There are no laws against hate crimes in Georgia but this was clearly a hate crime. A couple weeks ago a picture surfaced of Gregory Mcmicheal in a KKK rally. This rally took place in Rome, Georgia and he is seen wearing a confederate hat, and KKK uniform. This is a clear connection on why he assumed Ahmaud Arbery was responsible for the break ins.


Ahmaud Arbery was a 25 year old black man, his mom, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said he used to play football, which is why he always stayed in shape. She described her son as a humble, kind, well mannered, and beloved by friends and family. He would have turned 26 on May 8th. She said “Ahmaud didn't deserve to go the way that he went”. She also added that the first thing she was told by the investigators was that Ahmaud was involved in a home robbery and in that robbery was confronted by the owner and after a struggle for the handgun was shot and killed. This should give a good example of how they system changes its rules and lies for certain people.




The State vs Rodney Reed

by Kimo Umu


Summary of the Case


The story goes that 19 year old Stacey Sities, was found dead on April 23, 1996. Police had received a phone call at 3:11pm about a body near a dirt trail, behind a local high bastrop high school, in bastrop Texas. The authorities also found a truck that Stacey sites borrowed while going to work. Police made their assessment from clues from the body that she had been beaten,sodomized, and raped plus strangled with her own belt to death sometime between 3:00 and 5:00 am.



Rodney Reed would be charged on the record for the murder of Stacey Sites on April,4 1997 and held without bond.

Rodney Reed was given 2 charges of murder 1 for the course of aggravated assault,sexual assault, and for the murder of kidnapping. 

 He was convicted on may 18, 1998 

The case was dependent on the DNA evidence found at the crime Scene. There were no eyewitnesses in 1988. 


Laws Used in the Case


Under Penal Code 141 PC, California law makes it illegal to plant or tamper with evidence for the purpose of causing someone to be charged with a crime, or to be produced with a deceptive effect at a legal proceeding. ... And police officers who plant or tamper with evidence will be charged with a felony.


Closing Arguments


You people have a choice whether you're gonna decide that my defendant is the murderer, or whether he is an innocent man being falsely prosecuted which I intend to prove.


The defendant Rodney Reed was accused and convicted for life, plus sentenced to the death penalty. He's been incarcerated for over 25 years.


First my defendant was not given proper handling, he was set forth in front of a mostly white jury with no black people. Not a single person of color or in particular a black person. The jury that proceeded to put my defendant wrongfully  on the other end of prosecution. The jury that day should reflect upon the daughter who cannot see her father anymore. 


When Stacy's body was found in the back of the Local Bastrop HighSchool. She had been found on her back.  Investigators looked at staceys body, analyzed her, and found that Stacy's fingertips were white meaning she had died face down. This means Stacey's body must’ve been dragged to the place they found stacey. 


I believe the reason Stacey's fingertips were white, is that Jimmy Finell took her to the apartment that was not searched, one of the prime suspects for murrder was not searched. Plus the murrder weapon itself, could not be tested because it was supposedly tampered with by officers during the investigation. The reason I believe the police were keeping the evidence away from investigators, was because it could've revealed Finell as the true killer. Under Penal Code 141 PC, California law makes it illegal to plant or tamper with evidence. For the purpose of causing someone to be charged with a crime, or to be produced with a deceptive effect at a legal proceeding. ... And police officers who plant or tamper with evidence will be charged with a felony. 


The defendant had claimed to have been in a clandestine relationship with Stacey , he also said the only person Stacey had mentioned to Rodney. When Stacey made the exchange 

 to trade marijuana for crack/cocaine to rodney. Rodney asked stacey ‘’where did you get this’’ and stacey replied ‘’I got it from ed.’’ Rodney say’s this ed name was actually known locally as Ned who worked for the police and was a keeper of evidence. Ned died though tragically because found shot in the head his case was ruled a suicide. Ned’s brother believes rodney didn't kill stacey and the police killed his brother 


I believe because of the clandestine affair my defendant Stacey was having with she couldn't let her crazy american psycho husband Jimmy finell who couldn't stand his women being with a black man. Jimmy Finell must’ve known about their relationship so he used his leverage of being a cop murdered and killed Stacey at his apartment. ‘’Quote while in jail an inmate heard the confession of jimmy finell saying in his cell another inmate, ‘’ I had to kill my ni#$!% loving wife".


Whatever you thought was happening between Rodney Reed and Stacey stites was not rape. This was the work of an egotistical Fiance who set up Rodney using the power of the police department and justice system to wrongfully convict my defendant. So if you don’t want to test the DNA weapon fine, but know a family is struggling everyday because of the action of jimmy finell.  Because of the tampering with evidence and the constant mishaps. I'm going to ask you to return the verdict as not guilty on every count of rape and abuduction. It’s the only fair decent proper thing to do. The evidence in the case backs the facts. And i think we understand each other.


My defendant Troy Davis

by Amir cornish





Troy Anthonydavis October 9, 1968, Butts County, GA . Davis was the eldest child of korean war vetern joseph davis and his parents got  divorced when Troy davis was young . Troy Davis  dropped out of his junior year because his  sister was disabled and had to drive her to therapy. 


Charged with

In the year 1989, the case of Troy Davis was alleged for the murder of Mark Macphail alongside other people, which all took place in Georgia. Mark Macphail  was a security guard at Burger King who was arresting a person and Troy Davis was a witness who saw this and took some action in his own hands. 



Closing arguments .

I am fighting for the appeal of  Troy Davis. I found the 45th amendments that stated that you could not keep my client in jail or keep him in custody because they couldn’t find the murder weapon on  my client, therefore they wrongly  held him in custody  for 24 hours. 



Troy Davis was born october 9 1968. The police couldn’t find the murder weapon on my defendant. He  was accused of  killing a white officer named Mark MacPhil. Troy Davis had  his 1991 trial 34  witnesses but seven of them witnesses recanted  what they said about Davis . Davis was simply helping a man that was experiencing police brutality Davis was in the right. 


Under the 8th Amendment I am fighting for Troy Davis of the United State of  america states that, “Excessive bail shall not be  required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”  This amendment fit with my client because my client was simply on death row and had to suffer unusual punishments. 


The People v. Leonard Peltier

Tiburcio Garcia


Case Summary


Leonard Peltier was born on September 12, 1944 on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota. When he was nine, he was forced to go to the Wahpeton Indian School in Wahpeton, North Dakota, where he stayed until he graduated 4 years later. That school was one of the many forced assimilation schools that cut native childrens hair and would beat them if they didn't speak English. The fact that Leonard went through a school like that is most likely what inspired him to fight against the continued mental colonization that is happening to his people.


After the Wounded Knee Occupation, Pine Ridge Reservation (where the occupation took place), became a war zone. Elders in the community who were opposed to the tribal president, a corrupt and violent man by the same of Dick Wilson, began to be murdered. In response to this, the people of the reservation called the American Indian Movement (AIM) for help, so they sent Leonard Peltier and a few others to protect the people from Dick Wilson and his private army, Guardians of the Oglala Nation (or GOONS as they were called, rightfully so). When Leonard and the others from AIM got there, they camped out in tents on a ranch owned by the Jumping Bull family. Because of tensions already being at an all-time high, when the FBI followed a car into the ranch because they were chasing someone, the families of the elders who were killed and others who were at risk became alarmed. Shot’s were then heard and a shootout began. 


When the smoke cleared, two FBI agents,  whom Peltier was convicted of killing, Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams, were dead. Another man, a Native by the name of Joseph Stunz, was also killed by a single sniper bullet to the head. No leads were ever followed by any authorities in regards to his death. Over 40 native people and AIM members participated in the shootout, but only Leonard, a man named Rob Robidue and another named Darrell Butler (all AIM members) were brought to trial for the murders of the FBI agents. 



Charges Filed


Federal Indictment with two counts of First-Degree Murder and aiding and abetting. (Mr.Peltier was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison) First degree murder is an unlawful killing that was premeditated and deliberately thought out.e


Codes Used In My Argument


  1. 18 U.S. Code § 1622: Section Code barring the act of inducing another to commit perjury. (I would use this to prosecute the FBI for their conduct in forcing Myrtle Poor Bear to sign an affidavit claiming she was in close relations with Mr. Peltier and witnessed him shoot the officers. She claimed the statement was false later yet the presiding judge barred her from testimony due to mental incompetence)
  2. 18 U.S. Code § 1621: The FBI admitted to withholding up to 12,000 documents in the first trial and sentencing that contain evidence that FBI officials who testified in the trial may have committed perjury. 
  3. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenouus Peoples (UNDRIP): Instrument adopted by the United Nations in 2007 to enhance the human and civil rights of Indigenou People all over the globe. Leonard Peltier is a Native American, therefore protected under this Article.  (Citing that although this bill was created in 2007, Mr. Peltier is still incarcerated without parole.)   


Carlos DeLuna Appeal Case

by Akil Carrillo

Narrative Summary:

Carlos DeLuna was 26 years old when he was executed on December 7, 1989. He was accused of killing Wanda Lopez, a gas station cashier with a buck knife. Through his trial, he claimed the actual murderer was a man by the name of Carlos Hernandez who he has known for about five years. The police claim that they searched that name but came up with nothing so they dismissed it as part of DeLuna’s imagination. 


What he was charged with:

His trial was quick and he got sentenced to death row. Until the day he was executed, he claimed his innocence. He said that he hoped one day his innocence would be proven.  In my case, I will argue the amendments 5th, 6th, and 8th to prevent this kind of injustice from ever happening again.




The 5th Amendment Amendment of the United States of America states that “...nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. This amendment claims that no person shall be kept from their right to liberty or property and can not be killed without a trial or process of law. This played an important role in the case of Carlos Deluna because he was sent to death row without a proper investigation on the case, therefore, resulting in him being guilty.


The 6th Amendment Amendment of the United States of America states that “...and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation”. This amendment claims that the judge and jury shall be well informed of the case and should not lack any details or evidence. Despite this, Carlos Deluna was allegedly accused of this murder even though there was a lack of information.


The 8th Amendment  of the United States of America states that “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” This amendment claims that no cruel and unusual punishment should be inflicted, which contradicts the death row. In the case of Carlos Deluna, he was sentenced to death row with very little evidence of him committing murder.


Closing Arguments:  


Carlos Deluna was a 27 year old latino man accused of killing a 24 year old cashier. Carlos Deluna was innocent, due to racial profiling, a quick trial, and mistakes during the investigation he was killed with lethal injection. 


His last words “I didn't do it but I know who did, and I want to say I hold no grudges”


 Even in the last seconds of life Carlos still forgave everyone and had no hate in him. This is the man that was killed in his last words you could feel how humble he was and how we lost such an important person.


These mistakes can not keep happening, a family lost a son and gained trauma. Racism has been the cause of many people's deaths and this story is no different. 


The 8th amendment “Prohibits excessive fines and excessive bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment” I believe that getting sentenced to death because of some racist witness who “Couldn't tell the difference between latinos” falls along the lines of Cruel or Unusual punishment.


I am arguing for the appeal of the case DeLuna v People. He was unjustifiably killed and at the very least this case should be re-looked at. The judicial system that has been proven to be biased, dirty and selfish is the same system that chose if Carlos Deluna should've lived or died.  


Carlos Deluna’s case demonstrates a clear violation of the 5th, 6th and 8th amendments of the United States Constitution.


The Stanley “Tookie” Willams story  

By Ziair Hughes


Stanley “Tookie Williams was an African American gangster, known as one of the original founders and leaders of the Crip gang(criminal group/gang) in Los Angeles, California tookie was imprisoned Supposedly for killing four victims. tookie Williams lived as a criminal. he was born on  December 29, 1953, - December 13, 1969 and at the age of Sixteen Stanley was arrested and was convicted and released. Tookie Williams was arrested again (San Quentin) on December 13, 2005, Williams was executed by lethal injection after considerable appeals for clemency and a four-week stay of execution were both rejected by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Willams moved to Los Angeles young submerge in gang activity Stanley with his friend Raymond Washington ( Washington was an American gangster, known as the founder of the Crips gang in Los Angeles, California. Washington formed the Crips as a minor street gang in the late 1960s in Los Angeles' South Central area, becoming a prominent local crime boss) were street life. Tookie Willams himself became an inmate educating himself while still being an inmate prison politics tookie found himself to be apart of tookie Williams was on the front to fight for his life this leads to the journey of proving he was changed man once imprisoned.     


In conclusion, tookie Willams wrote books in his books he informed people about gangs he was a young man that was mislead this is a sad story i think that the judge shouldn’t have just arrested him for what he was or if he was a big criminal boss they should not judge him by his appearance and he was targeted as scary black man and I feel people should look up to him. that if they took Stanley tookie, Willams, out they out weaken the crips did tookie do it or did his clique/organization do. fun fact Tookie Williams was really a buff man and very strong tookies were named big took, had 22-inch arms, and weigh almost 300 pounds Stanely has three children and Stanley was close friends with Snoop Dogg. in the end, tookie was just a savage

Personal life

“Stanley Williams III was born on December 29, 1953, in Shreveport, Louisiana, to a 17-year-old mother, and his family moved to New Orleans. His father abandoned the family when Williams was just a year old, and in 1959, Williams moved with his mother to Los Angeles, California, and settled in the city's South Central region

As Williams' mother worked several jobs to support them, Williams was a latchkey kid and often engaged in mischief on the streets. He recalled that, as a child, he would hang out in abandoned houses and vacantlotsaround his neighborhood in South Central where he would watch adults get drunk, abuse drugs, gamble and engage in pit bull fights. Williams stated that after the adults finished the dog fighting they would make the children fight each other, including himself. Williams began to participate in these street fights regularly as a child, where adults would bet on him and give him part of the proceeds for winning his fights. Williams was often the target of older bullies and street thugs in his neighborhood and, by the age of twelve, began carrying a switchblade in order to protect himself. By the time Williams was a teenager he had gained a reputation in South Central's West Side as a vicious street fighter. Williams was expelled from George Washington Preparatory High School and was blackballed by several other high schools in the South Central area for fighting, and eventually began doing stints in Central Juvenile Hall”.













“Travon Williams, the first oldest son by Bonnie Travon was the only family member who spoke at the funeral. He "brought the church to its feet" when he promised to teach Schwarzenegger about redemption. He said, "I feel it's my duty to go on a worldwide campaign to show that redemption is real," he said.

Stanley Williams' other son, Stanley "Little Tookie" Williams, IV, a Neighborhood Crip, was found guilty of shooting a 20-year-old woman to death in an alley off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Williams IV was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for second-degree murder”






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Three Generations of Black Men Against Police Brutality

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
Original Author
Original Body
 Hello people this is Leroy Moore. Usually I don't do you know solo video recordings of myself but you know, I just need to get things off my chest as we see another police brutality killing of a black man. Anyway this video is entitled "three generation of black men against police brutality." I wanted to talk about that because I see the cycle that happens. In the degree black men are. My granddad in the 60s, my dad in the 70s and myself in the late 80s, 90s and today. All three of us fought against police brutality. And all three of us had different answers. My grandad used to say as the F police get them out of our community. My dad has almost the same answer. 
Today I see the community wants to do everything except getting police out of the community. Through my like 15-20 years of activism against police brutality since I think since 1988, 1987. I've seen state answers over and over and over again. I see the answer of training. Police need more training. That started in 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee. I see that the police needs more weapons, more this, more that, more this, more that, more this, more that. it's 2020 and you know, I don't have all the answers, you know, I was there in the 80s when Elenor Bumper, an elderly disabled woman got shot in her own home. I protested and wrote letters in 1984-85 something like that. 
I moved to San Francisco in 91 or ?. Idriss Stelly and Mesha,  Mesha’s son, Idriss Stelly. Hey guys, shout out ? told me ? on theater in San Francisco. At first we thought that training was the answer. And only a year and we realized that we've been duped one more time and we saw that training was another statewide cycle that goes around and around and around constantly. Poor Magazine told me all these three generations , my Grandad, my father and me. And I just had to say today that you know, I'm tired, of the same answers, the same cycle. Yes, protest. Yes, burn down cities. But, be honest with yourself. After three generations I know that police don't follow policies
Because they are protected from local judges, local lawyers, local politician, all the way up to the federal level. So if we know that the police are protected in that way, why do we always try to change the police. Poor magazine has a workshop called 'never ever call the police'. And we say, I say, that its about time that the community get the money, the funds, and the resources, so that we don't have to call the police. Finally  orgaanizataions are talking about defunding the police, I've been saying that since the nineties. I go back to these three black men. my father, my granddad and myself fighting police brutality. And I wonder am I going to pass on to my nephew. If my nephew will make a video like this and say my uncle used to fight the same fight. This is not a job. It's not a Ford Foundation Grant. It's not a movement. It's not... none of that. It goes deeper than that. It's the system that we live in because many of us have jobs in the system. 
Beyond me and a police officer. Have jobs, prison guards and in all kinds of institutions that do us wrong. But because we live under capitalism, we choose to work in these jobs. I posted on Facebook .. you know. Is justice just out of reach because of capitalism? And because of a j-o-b . Police brutality is more than policing . It's the whole state. And when the state pays you to go against the system that's just another job. I see movement come and go.  October 22nd, Mothers Against Police Brutality and Black Lives Matter. Come and go. And we're still living under this police state. You know why? Because a lot of them don't deal with the real core of the issue because they can't because they're funded. The core of the issue is, we work in it. We're a part of it. You raise our kids to go to school, to get a job. and once you are a part of the system, It's almost impossible to eradicate. Activists get grants, book tours, film, whatever. And we see once again that this continues to happen. 
About what 7 years ago, I wrote my suggestions on ending police brutality. You can go on Poor Magazine and look up Krip Hop Nation. With a K. its like 13, 14 suggestions. And not one of them deals with training. Not one of them deals with getting a job in a movement, but all of them deals with completely changing the way you live. I learned that from Poor magazine. 
Like I said, they have a workshop that's called 'never call the police.' It reminds me of my granddad and his philosophy back in the 70s and even 60s when my dad told me about him, saying that we don't need police. We don't need to oversee them. We don't need a committee on them. All we need is more community control and community answers. The is what Poor magazine is doing now with no funding. You know they're building houses, growing food, have their own school, their own radio station with no funding. Poor Magazine teaching their philosophy, their experiences. After knocking on the door of the system for years and years. They realize that the answer is within them. And they are doing it. Poverty scholarship. Idriss Stelley's mother Mesha has been doing it for years after her son was murdered. But it's not pretty because it doesn't fit into a grant guideline. It doesn't fit into ABC or Fox News. It doesn't fit into activists climbinging that ladder to get to another level. We saw that in the Bay Area. And I have to  say it, Van Jones climbed that ladder. When are we going to cut that ladder off. This is not a job. Its not a career. Its not a grant proposal. 
Three generations of black men against police brutality. And here I am sitting at my computer in 2020 and its still going on. We need to change our strategy. We need to know that the state has a cycle for us. The cycle for us is. They kill us. They let us protest for a little while. They handpick a few people to spokesperson, you they get a grant. You know, they might be on Fox news or CNN. You know, the family gets a, gets a settlement. In the settlement, in the paperwork, it says that you can't protest anymore, you gotta stay quiet. So that's why a lot of the parents disappear after a year or two or three because they had to because its in their settlement that tells you that even the lawyers for them are complicit. It's hard to say because these lawyers are activist. I know a lot of them. I like them. But they know that with these settlements parents disappear. So what do you do if you're a family? And you're in the settlement? You know what do you do? You say no? To the money? Or do you take the money and just go on. But it's not up to the parents. It's up to us to know the system to know that these settlements had these contracts. So we should make other underground ways of how parents can get involved without breaking that contract. But that means activists need to do things outside the system. To do things that that will go against the funding. To do things that go against so-called president. We got to do things for our children, for our nieces and nephews. 
And if that means not having a job. if that means saying no to Grants, if that means saying no to a media interview. then lets do it. Cause if we don't do it another person going to sit here in front of the computer and say yeah, I remember Leroy Moore. And now I'm 40 50 years old. And there's another case of police brutality. Think about it. You can go to Poor Go to homefulness, go to Krip hop Nation. You know Krip Hop did a Hip-hop CD in a movie, a documentary called 'where is hope' in 2012. We got no help for that. 'Where is hope' is a film about police brutality against people with disabilities. Me and Emmitt Thrower, Keith Jones. We did that. You know Poor magazine. Lisa, I can tell you about this. Did that film, CD with DJ quad. And we didn't get any support, in the height of black lives matter. What does that say?  What does that say when people with disabilities have seventy percent of police shootings, but there's no Disabled activists that has a high profile that really saying something. that say something for the whole movement around police brutality. 
Because if you have 70% of your community getting shot by the police and there's not one person with a disability that has a high profile. Think about it. My friend Patty Berne started Disability Justice. If you want to know about disability justice go to They have the ten principles on how to practice disability Justice. We tried talking to police brutality activists around disability Justice they didn't get a callback. Well you know I'm saying today, you know, three generations of black men against police brutality. Please don't let it be the fourth generation. Let's change the system. Like like we burn down our communities. Let's bring down the system. You know I think CONVID is doing it but we do it for ourselves, but we need to do it. We need to bring down the system. Burn charity and nonprofits to these police boards. You need to burn it all down.
Three generation of black man, My granddad, my father, and me, all fought against police brutality and here I am in May 2020 still talking about the issue that tells you that its protected by the system by the president all the ways down to the mayor? To the judges, to the jury. It's protected. Because you can't have 3 generation of black men fighting for it and very little changes. That tells you that the system wants it that way and that tells you that the system is protected. protecting police so they can continue to do this. So what what can we do? We can be honest with ourselves and we can really say that its not about the system. Its about taking a step outside and really putting your life on the line and I'm talking about physical and talking about not being able to be patted on the head. Not getting that grants you wanted. Not getting that promotion you want. Not getting that book deal that you want and also practicing what Poor magazine preaches about knowing your neighbor?. That's how you change it. Yeah, it is a slow process. It's not a big movement. Its about knowing your neighbor. And say hey neighbor can I call on you? 
There  generations of Black man. Don't let it be the forth. This is Leroy Moore from Poor magazine, Krip-Hop Nation. I just had to get that out around police brutality because like I said. It's been three generations. my granddad, my father, and me. Something needs to change. its called the system. Peace.
Leroy  F. Moore Jr.

Newz Log from the Pandemic Called PoLice Terror

09/23/2021 - 14:12 by Anonymous (not verified)
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From Organizer Rachel Jacksom (Oakland):
i was there that first night in oakland, and it was profound.
the 99% consciousness shift that was occupy finally found its footing on the streets. 
the feeling in the air was clear & calm. 
and it was mostly quiet, punctuated by fireworks, because we all knew it was a funeral, too.
it was obvious what all that property was about, & none of it accounted for very many jobs.
more importantly,
the trash cans, orange barricades, plywood & plate glass did not cry out in anguish for one another in their final moments.
the banks didn't look across broadway and yearn to take each others' pain away.
the office buildings didn't worry about how they were gonna pay rent or if they'd be living in their cars.
the chain stores didn't send their children or parents desperate texts when it got late.
& none of them had to watch each other die on facebook live.
so if anyone asks what happened in oakland that first night, tell them it was love.
& tell them the lockdown made us free.
From Anonymous:
 Many buildings that are associated with "Capitalism" have been destroyed, merch wrecked.  Much tagging of buildings with FTP, etc.  The Mercedes dealership on 29th and Broadway had all it's windows broken out,  cars vandalized, spray painted.  Hired security there this morning standing in the busted out windows. Calaveras bar had on the window Black owned, I didn't know that, I think that's a lie, but it worked.  Chase Bank, tore up, ATM's tore up, Broadway up and until you get to the Alameda tube is tore up.  I won't opine about how I feel about any of this, that's for later.

From Minneapolis

From a friend who received this description of what is happening on the ground in Minneapolis.

"The out of town insurgents are heavily armed in our neighborhood all day yesterday; people were out on the street helping businesses (EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS IN UPTOWN has boarded up windows and locked down their stores).

The 3rd Precinct burned on Thursday night. Uptown, where we live and the 5th Precinct police station is and all of Lake Street was looted. Friday EVERY BUSINESS on Lake Street and adjoining commercial districts, was boarded up.

Many spray painted murals on the plywood to let folks know they were a local or minority owned business, Essential businesses.

Last night was by far the worst night. Protests during the day were peaceful. There was an 8:00pm curfew, Everything changed when the sun went down.

Roving and highly organized bands of anti-government neo-nazi white men cruising the city, breaking off plywood, looting stores, and then setting them fire to the buildings.

On the Northside, predominately African American, the situation was the same. Local civic groups trying to protect local businesses and homes, but there were many fires.

The violence and destruction is NOT being driven by local people.

The cars on the streets have removed their license plates or have out of state plates.

Here's a post from a neighbor:

"Everybody! We need to get our heads around what’s happening, Mpls and St. Paul are being attacked by fascist “accelerationist” whites trying to divide & destroy us.

(Accelerationism: the idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world -Vox")

Expect these same types to infiltrate all of the legitimate protests happening in other cities in America.

We are fighting an enemy within. These "accelerationists" burned down the 5th Police Precinct, our post office, every pharmacy. The Wallgreens and CVS within a few blocks of our house are still burning this morning. The grocery stores were all hit. Every bank has been hit. Every liquor store, every gas station. They have guns and accelerants.

When National Guard show up, they disappear into the neighborhoods and have been setting fires. It is a violent game of arsonist whack-a-mole with no fire fighting services, as they're overwhelmed; neighbors are using garden hoses to put out the fires and save homes.

Pictures neighbors are sharing - these are young white men, heavily armed. According to authorities there are over 10,000 of these "accelerationists" in the city.

St. Paul arrested over 50 people last night. ALL OF THEM were from out of state. The authorities are checking phones of the people they have arrested, doing contact tracing of sorts on these people.

These people are connected to right wing militia style groups with a civil/race war fantasy. They are opportunistically using the legitimate, peaceful George Floyd protests as a cover to actualize their neo-nazi fever dream.

Gov. Walz just said, "If you know where these people are sleeping today, let us know and we will execute warrants.

Allie and I were helping the owner of a commercial building up the street when a friend + 2 guys came up to us, wanted to know where the free food was being distributed.

He gave them an address that was three blocks away. Had no idea what we were talking about - not from here.

Allie, the girls and I are fine and safe. Exhausted. Angry. We have not really slept in three days. Everyone in Minneapolis/St. Paul is the same.

So, what to do? Our neighborhood group is meeting at the park this afternoon. I think that they will organize our neighborhood watch to patrol, try to spot fires and get them out ASAP.

Major protests are planned for today. They want the other three police officers involved in George Floyd's murder arrested, they want the MN Attorney General, not the Hennepin County Attorney to manage the case.

They want the MPD disbanded and reformed with many alternative public safety and law enforcement strategies used. But the legitimate protests will end at 8:00 pm.

The Gov. and the mayor are calling in thousands more National Guard Troops.

We already had more National Guard troops in the city than ever before. They are doing a good job but were overwhelmed last night by sheer numbers.

Gov. Walz is the highest ranking soldier to have ever served in Congress and led the National Guard - he clearly sees this for what it is and will fight it.

This is now a military operation by the State of Minnesota against alt-right, white nationalists and anarchists that have come into Minneapolis to use the protests against police brutality as cover for their death fantasy.

They are trying to force authorities to use deadly force and "accelerate" the violence.
It is dark, friends.

The other side - this morning the neighborhood is out in force helping with the clean up, re-securing businesses. Massive food distribution at community centers. People taking in neighbors whose homes were destroyed or whose neighborhood was so impacted that it is no longer habitable."