End of Year Reflections- Grieving Mother Series Dec. 12, 2019

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This year has been a interesting year for me I have grown a lot it is the end of the year and I have had a little reflection time as I usually do this time around it hits the 4th year mark of my deceased son anniversary bittersweet at the end of last year I was awarded mother of the year this year my children were awarded at the end 2019 4 the leadership that they have taking on in the community governing themselves and then their brother and sisters keeper I I am so proud of them I don't think they know just how proud I am of them partly because I really crack the whip there are no rules that roll out the vagina when children are born and so all children our precious and I know firsthand mine to be absolutely God's gifts they really are to be cherished even though parenting can be challenging and that's why I am so pleased with my sons I wish my oldest son was still alive to see and breathe and exist I've learned that energy Never Dies and so my son is not with me physically but KS energy is with me since my son's transition I have had to find many different ways to cope with living without him and one of the tools that I choose to use would be the lesson in learning energy Never Dies it's simply moves on transitions but is never obsolete growing up that is not how I traditionally was taught to look at death however nobody in my family has ever lost a child in over 75 years now abortions and miscarriages do not count in my most respectful and tactful point of view and so that is why I I have had to navigate and pretty much on my own no one in my family has any experience or mileage in this area of life I guess on one hand we are protected our family has not been plagued with this trama that so many families have had to BARE