Reincarnation- Grieving Mother Series Dec. 12, 2019

Original Author
Original Body

I did it, I released myself. It has been over 72 days of meditation and I have Noticed A Difference in My Movement.

I will Say I hope to be A New Creature.


My Focus is Much Different  ... I am so Glad to be in a new Season Of my life 

... God Knows  I Truly needed a break  ..


I felt at one point I was being hit from all sides. Even my closest  one's was Woundering THE Wounder ... I Never Gave up on me ... I Knew  it Was Spiritual and Seasonal ... I just had to Stand my Ground ... I Was Challenged  BUT Not Defeated .... I had to Really Put my Heel to the Pavement and Hold OUT ... Being A Virtuous  Women Is A Never Ending Gift That Keeps On Giving.


I'm learning that this is a journey of energy and human beings are complex. Each of us possess a lesson Locked away Stashed Deep down on our Insides. And if we are not careful on how we treat each other we will never gain the knowledge from the gift that is within. Some people believe in reincarnation. I haven't quite looked into it personally, however it is an interesting concept.


Ever thought about an infant and the behavior mannerisms and characteristic traits one might have in such a little body? Ever heard the phrase old soul?


Where do you think that phrase comes from? Or perhaps a Deja Vu moment where you feel as if you’ve been somewhere or done something before, duplicating the same exact outcome. What about a special scent that jars a memory of a past life experience that you know you have not had, but the smell is so enchanting it wishes you away, captivating your thoughts and ideas. You eagerly attempt to refresh your memory, to pinpoint what seems to be familiar. And what about senses? Some say your gut, some say your intuition, some say your survival mode. However where does it come from, when does it kick in, and who gives it to you? Is it involuntary, is it genetics, or does it have everything to do with your inner being and nothing to do with personality or character, EVERY thing to do with Core ...