The Lowest of the Low- Grieving Mother Series - Dec. 18, 2019

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The lowest of the low. It comes a time when you think that you've hit rock bottom but the reality is there is such a deeper lower low that one could experience...


However the one thing about being on the bottom is that you can go up, get up or shoot up.

At least that's what they say. You can't miss what you never had. I find that not to be true. And sometimes you're so deep in the ditch that you can't get out in your step. 


Imagine a horse with a broken leg in a ditch. How does one come up from such a situation? And so it brings me to all sorts of perspectives and I am finding that it is my own shackling due to my own perspectives that have prevented me from living my fullest potential.


I have had the opportunity to reflect.


This year will be four years. It's the anniversary of my belated eldest son Torian. Today is December 18th 2019 and December 20th will be the marked date of my son's transition. 


Today is the decolonize extended family celebration and report card meeting. The boys did well and I am grateful that they have moved up in their academic achievements this school year. We will celebrate their accomplishments of operating in their honor. Star needs me to take her to the DMV and so after that I will work on my book. And I got to say today is a good day. No, but time it is.