About Us

POOR Magazine makes u holla

for the true skola




We are many tribes- walking the earth


Cultivando y sembrando semillas de resistencia es lo que hacemos en Prensa Pobre trabajando de sol a sol con sudor, angustia, y amor..  y Empuñamos el arma mas fuerte que es el amor a nuestra gente...


(Cultivating seeds of resistance is what we do at POOR Magazine.... with sweat, love, and tears...And we pick the biggest weapon   which is the love for our Gente....)



We a poor people led revolution 

claiming back our turf

like the Shackdwellers union South Africa

Landless peoples movement in Brazil

Mumia's MOVE africa and 

Pam Africa as well 

The Zapatistas in Chiapas 

The United Houma Nation 

Resisting Eradication!


We all had our own own land,

Our own roof


Til the po'lice/the government gangstaz

Corrupted the truth


Journalism coming back to the streets

Where it all began

No more running for degrees

scholarship defined by the man


Like Christopher Columbus- 

Leland Stanford

and all eugeni-cists


Some weren't fooled

By the Philanthro-pimps

and Institutional SkoolZ

Last Poets,


and PeopleSkool



POOR Magazine makes u holla 

for the true skola


Change wont come from a savior, a pimp or an institution

Change will only come 

from our own poor peoples led revolution

........Po'Poets/Poetas POBRE's of POOR Magazine 2010


POOR Magazine the publication arts and education project was started in 1996 by an indigenous, landless mother and daughter who struggled with extreme poverty, incarceration and criminalization in the US. POOR Magazine, the organization, is a poor people led/indigenous people led non-profit, grassroots, arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts, education and solutions from youth, adults and elders in poverty across Pachamama.