It's All Good At Legendary Black Panther Party Headquarters

It's All Good At Legendary Black Panther Party Headquarters



"I want all the units to be Section 8.  All the tenants will get their housing back".   Aunti Frances replied, “I’m going to hold you to it”.  Self Help Hunger Program’s Aunti Frances Moore, Kathy Campbell and Momii went to "it's All Good Bakery" on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Oakland, Sunday March 19, 2022 for a forum on the status of the building once the headquarters of the Black Panther Party (BPP).  The original office and home of the BPP, has been a bakery for many years.  Much concern from members of the BPP,  and long time residents led to this meeting at the storefront.  Given the escalation of evictions, and financial investments into unaffordable housing, Aunti Frances wanted to make her presence known. Kim McClure, who owns the property, with a 20 unit apartment building and a bakery business, confirmed his dedication to the Black community.   


Kim was born and raised in this area and several family members came to support the project.  There were hot dogs with awesome 7up pound cake giveaways.  Fredericka Newton, wife of Huey P. Newton, rest in peace, is working with Kim on developing the property.

#4 of the BPP 10 Point Party Platform ``We want decent housing for the shelter of human beings', holds true today.  SHHP, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in Oakland, has been involved with placing houseless folks in local motels.  Working with Manna From Heaven/Roofs Over Their Heads and POOR Magazine/Homefulness, Aunti Frances knows these temporary placements are not the long range solution.  But everyday, people in need of housing come to the Driver Plaza where SHHP provides access to produce, and donated food.  Housing is a crisis of mega proportions with the war on the poor, leaving more and more people on the streets, unsheltered.  SHHP is in the day-to day lives of thousands looking for a roof over their heads.

The It’s All Good Bakery site is destined for a remodeled apartment with the same bakery and a museum honoring the legacy of the Black Panther Party.





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