Lead Poisoning Worse For Children New Research Found

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by Joseph Bolden, staff writer,

Tuesday, May, 23, 2000

Boston - Millions more children than previously
thought might have lead-linked mental impairment. Another study
supports a strong link between lead exposure and juvenile delinquency.

How many of these interior-exterior painted buildings
still exist?

Does anyone remember the late 1970's or 80's crack
epidemic, and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) infants
born to addicted mothers? Mainstream media and TV specials said,
"These babies have a dim or no future." Many of these reports are
wrong; some of these children are geniuses, although some do have
mental or behavioral problems. Notice fewer news reports on "crack
babies", though there are still problems with infants born with
drugs and the AIDS virus in their system. Then miracles happen as
babies' immune systems fight off the disease and live!

Or when so many young African-Americans died from
gang related drive-by shootings all over the inner cities of America,
that first year medical students were learning triage medicine by:

1) separating the seriously wounded from

2) the dead and death bound and

3) survivors.

News all over the country, in a main story format,
was the possible extinction of Blacks in America.

It seemed to me at the time that there was
actual glee at such a prospect. We as a people not only survived,
but thrived, as in an old Richard Pryor joke: "After 400 years of
this shit (Slavery) we ain't afraid of aliens in spaceships."

Now we're becoming victims of the accumulated lead
poisoning from buildings constructed in the 20th century: the 1930's,
40's, 50's, and 60's, in both old and 'urbanely renewed' neighborhoods.

How many children have permanent mental or physical
problems, and as young men or women, do not know why, blaming themselves
for something not their fault. I ate bugs 'n roaches as a child,
especially those big, fat waterbugs; full of blood and crunchy.
Later I learn they are also full of diseases, too, and they walk
on lead painted walls.

Everything must be reassessed, and with updated
medical progress some children and adults might be helped. Permanent
brain damage from lead poison may not be as irreversible with new
therapies like were available to the cocaine babies and AIDS infants.
And no more black folks to scare. There could be a way to reverse
brain damage. Let's all say it together: "Fetal cells, stem cells."
Just a thought. Talk to each other. "The answers are with us all."

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