Fatal For Off-Duty Cop

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by Joseph Bolden, staff writer,

Wednesday, April, 21, 2000Friendly Fire: A military term, used when soldiers
are wounded, killed by weapons fired from our own military fighting
enemy forces in war.

Folks, like I wrote before, not all though most
police have a'Thin Blue Line' mentality down perfect. As in a Providence,
Road Island restaurant on Friday, January, 28. That mental "blind
spot"cost 29-year-old Sgt. Cornel Young Jr. an off-duty officer,
out of uniform. His life. It happened to a black police officer,
attempting to help two fellow policemen both white.

Solitro, 33, and Saraiva, 30, were responding to
a fight outside the restaurant. Young, in street clothes, drew his
gun to help the officers, both officer's said they repeatedly told
Young to drop the weapon, but he did not comply and they shot him.
The police union insisted Young's shooting was a split-second decision,
not prejudice.

I guess, between the adrenaline flow in all three
officers, a situation highly charged and poor Sgt.Young maybe didn't
hear - his focus being on the immediate problem... helping two 'brother's-in-uniform
but he in his skivvies is like any other citizen, in the way or
a suspect. Leisa Young Mr. Young's Mother is angry having to learn
Tuesday's ruling from reporter. Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse,
criticized by some community leaders for his handling of the inquiry.
Bill Fisher, an aide for Whitehouse, said "the attorney general
had left messages at her Mrs. Leisa Young home and work but could
now reach her before he held a news conference announcing the grand
jury's decision: Jury clears 2 white Rhode Island Cops of accidental
killing of off-duty officer.

To me it sounds like a righteous shoot? I may be
wrong. Warning to off-duty officer's: show a badge, police academy
ring, anything showing your police personnel too. Is it an aberration?
I guarantee this has and will happen in other places as long as
cops are trained to shoot black outlines which automatically make
African-American's or any non Caucasoid in the minds of officer's
walking targets.

My humble suggestion: change those shooting targets
into mixed colors, rainbow spectrums not just one gradient of black,
gray, brown, or white outline... in case police departments have
those around. 'Ya know between those four goons in not all of their
names begin with a G like Mayor R. Guiliani, G. Garcetti of Angle,
'uh Angel City, The Honorable Reverend/Supervisor Amos Brown, what
he's done to a family I don't care what he says in a reputable newspaper
it is WWW. Wrong! Eloquent, stylish, 'lucky Dot-money investor Mayor
Brown, and across the Bay STRONG MAYOR and Former California Governor
Jerry Brown or E-B Emperor Brown have some weird convergence going
on Darn, them aligning planets! Cops flipping out, gone crazy making
mistakes killing innocent people and if an officer isn't in uniform,
off-duty he or she is libel to be another victim.

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I'd sure like to hear that "Cop Killer"or any other
track on the same subject and hope they B'n M know what I mean folks,
b+m-rhymes with groan. In other Cities, States, Counties, small
towns the same thing is going on and citizen's are fed up; here
it is damn near the 21st Century and cops are have devolved backwards
only with modern weapons. It's a nasty time for anyone 'walkin the
street with flops 'uh cops acting out their 'Wild Wild West fantasy's
with real weapons and I don't mean the TV show or updated movie.

There are many ex-military, gang members, younger
folks fed up-won't take this crap plus we know those bullet proof
vests, shields, armor plated don't protect one from grenades, portable,
rocket launcher's or a Vintage WWII bazooka in mint condition. People
become radicalized, organized, politicized, and more vocal and they
tend to want payback when friends, relatives, or they get shot at,
wounded over "a perception or suspicion" Cops constantly piss folks
as it is, with their power of legal murder I see why some cops "eat
their gun" Maybe the next generation of police will learn from past

I do not envy minority cops of either race, sex,
or sexual orientation because when you take off the uniform you
literally can lose your life as Sergeant Cornel Young Jr. did either
by trying to help or not being believed that you are one of the
'blue's only off duty.

'Wanna know what I call 'friendly fire'? When a
'smart-bullet hits a cop and knows by optical scans, colors, imaging,
diagnostic/medical technologies its made an error, corrects it by
releasing natural and nanobots healing, cleansing, closing the wound,
also excellerated healing then spills over to further heal other
areas with left over med-bots. For criminals the same so 'accidental
hits to heart, lung, or brain is no longer automatically fatal.
Back to reality.

The really sad part is as a dedicated officer if
he Sgt. Cornel Young had survived this tragic event he probably
would have thought twice before doing it again. How many off-duty
cops survived, were wounded, killed simply because they were seen
as potential criminal-with-gun-threat? Someone could make a national
website adding up statistics of related "Friendly Fire" Cop-Killing-Cops
by accident it may surprise us how many are being lost. If I offended
any former or retired cops feelings... My deepest apologies; EVERYONE-
BE SAFE. Bye folks.