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by Joseph Bolden, staff writer,

About a week ago New York Mayor R. Giuliani's praised
New York's Filthiest (1% to 5% of rotten apples on the police force)
for the fatal shooting of 26-year-old Patrick Dorismond this month
then pulls out the late Mr. Dorismond's "sealed" records in response
to justify shooting an unarmed man. The Dorismond Family is suing
the (police for the wrongful death of Mr. Patrick Dorismond.) To
all hardworking, non racist, fair officer's that abide by "To Serve
And Protect as a real standard, a few of your "Brothers-In-Arms
are turning the populace against that 'Thin Blue Line' making a
mockery of why most of you joined the force in the first place.
These... sleazy, cowardly, (shooting unarmed people in one-on-one
or in an organized gang formation is cowardly.) out of control brutes.
A bunch of Goons in a Rabid, Mad Dog Goon Squad. I'm a transplanted
New Yorker living in ("Lets say it together) Sodom and Gomorra,
or the place with all the fruits and nuts: San Francisco, California.
Police are just as twitchy on the trigger out here, though our Mayor
"His Willi-ness" is dapper, has some finesse' in his "Power Politics.
Cops, like those funny car insurance adds: "We all do dumb things
commercials. These Keystone Cops (my apologies to the Late Hal Roach
and his family.) are not funny. L.A. has its problems too. There
was a time years back when I had just arrived tired, hungry, no
place to stay and no money that I actually went to a police department
to see if they had an empty cell I could sleep in for the night.
"You have to commit a crime."

I didn't, luckily I find a drop-in shelter this
was before lottery beds when all you did is show up early, sign
your name, S. S. (Social Security number.) and someone did not show
or is late you get their spot. If you don't have one, write your
name anyway you'd still get a bed if a guy or woman didn't show
up. (women were treated better then too.) I showered, had a four
heaping helpings of solid and liquid food, and got into clean, used
bed clothes or pajamas. My sleep is restful except for the terrified
screams in the night. Now if I went back and two cops asked me what
I am doing, I better not have hands in pockets hidden from their
view or I could end up as a dead, gallows humor, bloody joke: "I
TO BE NO MOTHER 'FUCKIN ACCIDENT." Richard Pryor once said jokingly
even then Black humor by black comedians 'talkin truth to an integrated
audience split two ways: one saw it as simply funny and another
laughing through the pain, anguish of life and death situations
may have really been through this. In Angel City or Los Angeles
a District Attorney, George Rosenstock urging his superiors to file
conspiracy charges against several officers is pulled off a task
force days later.

Explain this to me, the man is a bonafide pass-the-bar
lawyer in good standing as a prosecutor he gathers evidence (true
not fiction or hearsay) and presents his or her case to a judge
and jury for a final verdict. Wacky Angel City D.A. Gil Garcetti
denied the Deputy D.A. sought approval on a radio talk show. Maybe
he did or the case fell on his docket, he goes about his job and
for his troubles is pulled off the case. Is this L.A. thing so scuzzy
'n rank that it really is an open and shut case on L.A.'s Snafu,
Pollute, 'um, Police Fake, 'uh Force?

(Situation Normal Everything All Fucked Up) a Military
term that fits, any other terms you can think of tell 'em to me.
These... Officer's of the law, protectors of peace and freedom (the
fallen stars, no talent bit players, de-evolved, mentally challenged,
knuckle dragging... (sorry, didn't mean to insult our chimp cousins.)
these lousy, underpaid assassins (at least real mercenaries risk
their lives with an enemy with equal access to weaponry and tactics.
Misfits in uniform do it with a badge then cringe behind it just
makes me want to hear those cop killer rap songs 'n video's because
brother's, sister's are on the front line of this manure and see
the raw 'n real. I don't ever want to hear cops bitch about being
betrayed as killers (I'm talking about the rotten, stinking eggs
on the force 'smellin it up for the many good eggs doing their jobs
24-7 year by year. L.A., N.Y.C, S.F, and other places where PIGS
are going ape shit on defenseless folks. Get those Blue Goon A-wipes
off the force before they cause more grief, heartache, and anger.

With that out do you think these yokes read out
of the same rule book? Funny, in the 30's and 40's striking workers
are beaten, jailed and killed. 50's and 60's homosexuals, beatniks,
blacks, radicals are getting the stick across the head, between
the scrotum and breast bone. Between the 70's and 80's blacks, browns,
and Asians are getting bashed and blacks, browns, women, gays, lesbians,
transsexual and gendered are the targets. But by the 1990's mostly
everyone knows of someone be they a relative, friend, or a stranger
by chance set upon the police. One thing remains the same, to some
police anyone out of uniform is the enemy. Being brown, black, Asian,
man or woman on the force. When you take off your uniform do you
feel safe or have you become another target for a goon that doesn't
know you are part of them; a fellow brother, sister, in arms, a
beat cop, chip, or on patrol in squad cars?

You, on the force think of that when and if they
mistake you for some citizen= criminal= enemy then tell me about
the thin blue line. And all young folks, talk, ask your father's,
mother's, aunts, older siblings and elders they may know something
of the so-called dead bygone days when there was strange fruit hanging
from trees, these days most of the trees are in parks or dead so
Goons shoot 'em without thinking of ropes. Be careful youngbloods
invest in education, bullet proof vests and think before reacting
cause the dogs are loose looking for an excuse any excuse to take
our lives and by hiding behind a badge: THEY CAN, HAVE, AND WILL
Source:San Francico Chronicle Mon. 3, 27, 2000.

P.S. I'm available as a housesitter, hours may
vary. Prices: $200 a day, $500 weekly: $2,000 a month. For 3 months
$6,000. You may find someone incorruptible like me to housewatch.
Its possible, they may be less expensive. Your home, your choice.)
I value that borrowed space. To me all homes are sacred spaces;
from living in shelters, bad motels, a real home is priceless.  

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